10 healthy snacks if you have a sweet tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, then you know how hard it can be to resist a sweet treat. You might crave dessert after every meal, or maybe you crave candy or chocolate throughout the day. When we think of sweets, our first instinct is sugar. While sugar is fine to have in moderation, you shouldn’t let your body have an overload of sugar each and every day. Rather than denying yourself of your cravings, try to find healthy substitutes that take care of it altogether.


Read on for 10 healthy snack ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth: 


1. Homemade smoothie

While a smoothie you buy at a restaurant may be secretly loaded with sugar, you can watch your intake when you make a smoothie at home.  The sugars in a smoothie come from natural fruit sugars, which are better for you than sugars that are added just for taste.


2. Greek yogurt

At the grocery store, you can get yogurt in a multitude of flavors. Even with tasty flavors, most brands have learned to not load up your yogurt with added sugars. Simply check the sugar content on the nutrition label before choosing which brand you buy. Just because a yogurt uses words or phrases that sound like it should be healthy, that doesn’t mean it is. So, read your labels.


3. Dark chocolate dipped bananas

Dark chocolate is lower sugar than milk chocolate, which makes it a great alternative when making this tasty treat. Once this delicious treat is frozen, it creates a nice chocolatey crunch that will help curb your cravings.


4. Banana bread mug cake (1)

Sometimes the key to a healthy snack is convenience. Whip up this five-minute recipe for a nutritious snack that’s sweet enough to taste like real cake.


5. Low-sugar popsicles

Sometimes, the craving for a dessert needs to be grab-and-go. If you don’t feel like preparing a healthy snack sometimes, low-sugar popsicles are a great way to satisfy the craving.


6. Protein balls (2)

This easy to meal prep snack is a nutritious way to enjoy a sweet snack. You can customize these to your liking, whether you use chocolate chips, M&Ms, or raisins. You’ll get in some good nutrients, while also making your brain think you’re basically eating cookies!


7. Low-sugar pudding

You don’t have to cut out every sweet treat you enjoy. Rather, you can just modify which ones you buy. Just like popsicles, you can find low-sugar pudding at the grocery store.


8. Healthy blueberry muffins (3)

Sometimes, you can make a recipe healthy with simple substitutes. You can use natural sweeteners, like honey or maple syrup, and protein-packed greek yogurt rather than sour cream. Plus, you can add extra blueberries to your recipe to amplify the health factor.


9. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies (4)

The internet is a wonderful place for people with dietary restrictions, or those that want to give their system a break once in a while. This recipe is a great way to satisfy your cravings, while also remaining low-carb.


10. Strawberries and low-sugar whipped cream

It may not be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth to just have strawberries, so you can add some whipped cream to your bowl to make it more enticing. As we all know, just enjoy things in moderation - so don’t cover the whole bowl in the tasty goodness.

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