10 unexpected foods with vitamin C

When it comes to Vitamin C, citrus fruit, like oranges, tend to get all the hype. While they are a great source of Vitamin C, with 130% of the recommended daily intake (1), they are not the only source. It may seem ideal to have one orange and get all your Vitamin C for the day, but if you don’t like oranges, you’re in luck. There are plenty of other foods that contain plenty of Vitamin C. Some of them may even be foods you consume on a daily basis already. In case you were worried, it’s highly unlikely that you would accidentally consume too much Vitamin C. The limit for Vitamin C in a day is about 2,000 mg, but you only really need between 70-100 in a day to get all of the health benefits. So, unless you are looking to have 20+ oranges a day, you’re safe!

Well, we all know that oranges have Vitamin C. So, what are some good sources of Vitamin C that we aren’t aware of? 

Here are 10 unexpected foods with Vitamin C:


Cauliflower is typically praised for its other health benefits, like its high amount of fiber and potassium (2). It’s also a great source of Vitamin C. One serving has over 50 mg of Vitamin C, which would almost get you to the recommended daily intake. Plus, cauliflower can be used in a variety of recipes, from stir fries to crusts.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli also has over 50 mg of Vitamin C per serving. For people looking to improve their health, broccoli is often a part of their new diet. While this may be because it’s low calories and full of nutrients, the abundance of Vitamin C is a nice perk.

3. Sweet Potatoes

A serving of sweet potatoes comes in tow with a shocking 65% of your daily recommended intake (3). This is a huge win for sweet potato fries lovers everywhere. 

4. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts don’t always get the praise they deserve, mostly because people aren’t experimenting with how they prepare them. Hint: roasting brussels sprouts makes them a delicious side with any meal (4). When you give them a try, you’ll be enjoying the added benefit of 48 mg of Vitamin C per serving (5).

5. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most beloved berries, thanks to the delicious, sweet taste, which gains even more popularity during the summer. Having just 10 berries will give you over 100 mg of Vitamin C (6). So, keep the strawberry smoothies blending!

6. Kale

Kale may not be everyone’s favorite, but it can easily be added to all sorts of meals, like salads, sitr frys, and smoothies. A serving of kale will provide you with a fourth of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, so do your best to add it to meals when you can.

7. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are extremely versatile. They pair well in Mexican dishes as well as they do in Italian ones. They’re well-loved, which is good news for your Vitamin C intake.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are everywhere, whether it’s in the sauce of your pasta, or in the ketchup you’re pairing with your fries. They’re a great, sneaky way to get 33 mg of Vitamin C per serving.

9. Guava

When you’re at the grocery store, guavas may not be the first fruit you grab in the produce aisle. These fruits pack a mighty punch when it comes to Vitamin C. By having just one, you’ll be having 125 mg of Vitamin C. So, maybe it’s time to switch up your grocery list!

10. Spinach

Spinach is easy to add to many things, whether it be used on top of a pizza, mixed into your smoothie, or used as the base for your salad. A serving of spinach will give you almost 30 mg of Vitamin C. A serving is only 23 calories, so this is a super easy way to add Vitamin C to your diet, without having to focus your diet around it.

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