5 easy and healthy snacks

For many people trying to get their health in order, meals aren’t the problem—snacks are. 


Preparing kale salads to bring to work for lunch is easy, but resisting the box of donuts in the break room? That’s nearly impossible.


Because of donuts, chips, and the plethora of other unhealthy snacks that seem to always surround us, many people end up trying to cut out snacks altogether. But that’s dangerous and can lead to unhealthy practices like yo-yo dieting (1). 


The key to snacking isn’t suppressing feelings of hunger or trying to eat more food at lunch. It’s eating the right snacks that your body loves as much as your mind.


Here are five simple but healthy snacks that you can’t go wrong with. 

1. Greek yogurt and berries

If you’re looking for something delicious and nutritious, you can’t go wrong with Greek yogurt and berries.


Greek yogurt comes loaded with potassium, calcium, and protein, all of which can help you stay full after eating. Adding berries to the mix can give your body some much-needed antioxidants. 

2. Apple slices and peanut butter

Apple slices and peanut butter might sound like something you’d get in a kids’ meal, but it’s a great snack to tie yourself over until later while also getting some nutrients.


Although peanut butter has a lot of calories, it also has protein and healthy fats. Studies show that it can increase your body’s good cholesterol while getting rid of the bad (2). 


Apples contain fiber, antioxidants, and are great for gut health (3). The old expression that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” isn’t too far off!

3. Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs have had a negative reputation for a long time, mainly due to their perceived cholesterol levels. However, recent studies show that a moderate intake of eggs won’t increase your risk of heart disease (4). On the contrary, eggs can benefit your body.


Hard-boiled eggs are easy to make and give your body protein, vitamin B12, and vitamin K2. Given all their great nutrients, they can also help you stay full!

4. Mixed nuts

People trying to lose weight often avoid nuts, since they know that they’re high in fats. But the fats present in nuts are healthy, and studies show that they can actually help you lose weight (5). 


Besides containing healthy fats, nuts like cashews and almonds also contain a lot of fiber and protein. 


Nuts are one of the few snacks that don’t require refrigeration, so make sure to take advantage of their convenience by adding them to your diet. 

5. Tomatoes and mozzarella

If you’re a fan of Caprese salad (who isn’t?), you can modify the dish a bit to make a quick and easy snack.


Tomatoes contain potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C, while mozzarella comes loaded with calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. 


Use a 2:1 ratio of tomatoes and mozzarella to get all the health benefits they offer. 

Snacking made easy

Next time you find yourself craving a snack before your next meal, don’t suppress the feeling. Hunger is natural!


Try turning to whole foods instead of processed ones. Over time, you’ll discover that they taste just as good and that your body loves how they make it feel.

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