5 minute yoga flow

Sometimes it feels impossible to squeeze in time for ourselves in our day. Life can get busy, and prioritizing our health can take a back seat at times. Prioritizing ourselves and our well-being however allows us to show up as a more whole, centered and grounded version of ourselves for the other people in our lives. Even five minutes a day of intentional breath, meditation or movement can make a huge difference in our mood and energy levels. Try this five minute yoga sequence for when you are in a time crunch. 


Child's pose 

Place your knees on the mat and sit back into the heels. Extend your arms out long and relax your chest and forehead into the mat. Breathe deeply into the hips and with each exhale, relax a little bit deeper into the pose. Hold and breathe for up to 20 breaths. 


Cat Cow

Come onto your hands and knees into a table top position. Stack your wrists underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips. Keep a long neutral spine, and on an inhale drop your belly and gaze toward the ceiling. On your exhale, press the mat away and create a c curve with your spine as you tuck your chin into your chest and direct your gaze toward your navel. Continue moving in this pattern at your own pace, linking breath to movement for up to 20 rounds.


Down dog variation

Come into a downward facing dog by extending the legs and encouraging the hips toward the ceiling. Press into the pals and create an inverted V shape with your body, let the head and neck relax. Hold here in downward facing dog for a few breaths in stillness, then shorten your stance, walking your legs in a bit and invite a slight bend into your knees. Press firmly into the mat with your right hand and reach under the body with your left hand for your right calf, using the strength of the arm to encourage a twist in the upper body. Hold and breathe for five breaths then go ahead and switch sides.  


Forward fold 

From downward facing dog, gaze between your palms and slowly walk your legs up to the top of your mat, keeping the feet hips width apart and let the upper body hang heavy, coming into a forward fold. Relax the head and neck and grab for opposite elbows. Invite a gentle bend into your knees and let the upper body relax onto the thighs. Hold for 10 breaths. 



Come to lie down on your back and place your feet on the mat, hips width apart. Let the arms relax long by your side, and on an inhale, press into the mat with your feet, lifting the hips and coming into bridge pose. Relax your glutes, letting the pressure come from your feet and hold here for 10 breaths, slowly lowering down when you are finished one vertebrae at a time. 


Happy baby

Bring your knees into your chest and grab the outer edges of your feet, encouraging the knees into the armpits. Hold here and breathe into your hips or invite in gentle movement, rocking back and forth on the spine. 



Lie down on your mat, extending your arms and legs wide. Let go of any breath control or attempt to control the mind and allow your body to fully relax. Stay in your savasana for up to 7 minutes, slowly transitioning into a seat to resume the rest of your day when you are finished.

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