5 plants for plant killers

Indoor plants have taken our homes and apartments by storm. However, not all of us have the natural green thumb we might wish for. While scrolling through Instagram, you may see apartments that are littered with tons of healthy and beautiful plants, and wish your home could look the same. To help you get your indoor garden started, we’ve listed 5 plants to buy if you are a plant-killer, because it’s all about baby steps in the process.


Let’s be honest, taking care of plants is a lot easier said than done. We buy a plant, give it the water and sunshine we think it needs, but then are disappointed to see it has died. Don’t feel discouraged, because there are actually plenty of plants that are easy to take care of and low maintenance. 


1. Aloe Vera

You may only be familiar with aloe vera while buying it in a bottle at the drugstore, but it turns out this sunburn relief actually hails from a very special little plant. Aloe Vera is the perfect way to start your plant journey, because it requires dry soil and very little water to keep it healthy. Just make sure to keep it in a very sunny and warm place in your house.


2. Snake Plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is a trendy and stylish plant that fits in with any space. They come in various sizes, and are extremely low maintenance. If you don’t have a lot of natural sunlight in your space, it’s no problem. These plants can tolerate low light and dry air. Just make sure to let the soil completely dry out in between waterings, as it can tolerate too much.


3. Cactus

Who says you need to be in the desert to admire the beauty of a cactus? These spiky yet chic plants are extremely adaptable in any environment, meaning whether you live on the East or West Coast they’ll be easy to take care of. While other plants may require regular waterings, this isn’t the case for a cactus. Generally, all you need to do is place them in a pretty plant holder and leave them alone. They typically only need an extremely light amount of water every 10 days.


4. Pothos

Perhaps one of the trendiest houseplants to arrive on the scene, the pothos plant is beautiful and perfect for a regular plant-killer. No matter your aesthetic, pothos come in many different colors and are easy to take care of. All they require is low light, which they thrive in, and allowing their soil to dry completely before watering.


5. Succulents

Whether it’s just one, or a whole windowsill of them, succulents can bring some brightness to any space. Similar to a cactus, these plants require very little care, can thrive in both low and bright light, and only need water when their soil is completely dry. These special little plants are perfect to either stand alone, or be grouped together in a terrarium. Plus, as they come in different forms and colors, they can bring a lot of color into your home.

Just because you’ve had some bad experiences with plants doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It turns out, owning houseplants have even greater benefits than just giving your home a little extra oomph. Studies have shown that owning houseplants can actually help a person feel more positive and experience less negative emotions (1). So, take our advice and start slow with these low maintenance plants we’ve listed. Before you know it, you’ll be living in your own personal oasis.

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