7 best foods to eat post-workout

Most people know that successful workouts require the right foods. Complex carbs and proteins can help provide your body with the energy it needs to persevere through even the most brutal workouts.


But what should you eat after a workout? If you don’t put a lot of thought into your post-workout foods, it’s time to start doing so.


Here are seven of the best foods to eat after a workout. 


1. Greek yogurt 

While many types of yogurt are healthy, Greek yogurt contains twice the amount of protein as regular varieties, as well as tons of carbohydrates. All of that makes it the perfect snack to refuel your body. 


Try sprinkling in berries to give your body micronutrients to help combat soreness. 


2. Protein shake

Protein shakes are great for both before and after workouts. They make it easy to get large amounts of protein in a short amount of time. 


Remember that you can add different things to your shakes to make them more exciting. Try a non–dairy milk option, like oat milk, combined with other add-ins, like fruit or peanut butter. You want it to be as delicious as it is nutritious! 


3. Whole-grain cereal 

Cereal is great at any point in the day, but especially after a workout. By choosing a low-sugar, high-protein, high-fiber variety, you’ll help reload the energy that your muscles just unleashed.


If you prefer hot cereals, oatmeal is also a great option. Feel free to enhance it with peanut butter, fruit, and anything else you feel like adding! 


4. Eggs

Whether you like them scrambled or sunny-side up, eggs are full of protein and fantastic nutrients. They’re also versatile, going great alongside toast, vegetables, and avocado. 


You can even hard boil them in advance, then eat a few after exercising. 


5. Whole-grain sandwiches 

Whole-grain foods are great for helping replenish your energy. Add some lean meat, like chicken or turkey, and some veggies for a simple, nutritious post-workout meal. 


You can also get similar nutritional benefits from throwing chicken or other meat in a salad. Just make sure to also mix in some rice or quinoa since your body needs the grains. 


6. Fruit 

Fruit is an essential part of any balanced diet. It has loads of digestible carbs and enzymes that make it easy for your body to break down vitamins and nutrients. Certain fruits also come with anti-inflammatory properties and other benefits. 


While you can eat it on its own, feel free to combine fruit with some of the other foods mentioned, like Greek yogurt or a salad. 


7. Protein bars

When you’re in a rush to get protein as fast as possible, nothing beats a protein bar. The best protein bars contain 20 or more grams of protein, as well as plenty of carbohydrates. They’ll also have nuts, fruit, and other healthy ingredients.


Just make sure to pay attention to the sugar content. Some protein bars look healthy but contain more sugar than anything else!


Refuel and replenish 

No matter what sort of exercise you enjoy, providing your body with the right foods afterward will help you make the most of your workouts. 


In addition to foods, don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

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