7 best foods to eat pre-workout

Between global pandemics and the general stress and anxiety that goes along with daily life, finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult. However, doing so is essential if you want to live a happy and healthy life. 


Before you begin running on the treadmill, stretching into downward dog, or diving into the pool to swim laps, you’re going to want to ensure that you have the energy you need to power through your workout. The best way to do that is by eating the right pre-workout foods.


Here are seven foods that can help you push through even the sweatiest of workouts. 


1. Whole-grain toast with bananas and peanut butter

Bananas come packed with everything from carbs to natural sugars and potassium. When combined with whole-grain toast, which helps steady your blood sugar, and peanut butter, which has healthy fat, you know that your workout will be a good one. 


If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, feel free to switch it out for almond or nut butter! 


2. Eggs, avocado, and veggies 

While Brooklyn cafes may charge $15 or more for it, throwing together eggs, avocado, and veggies at home is an affordable way to ensure a successful workout. 


Contrary to what some people may think, eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They’re full of protein, while egg yolk contains all eight essential amino acids. Likewise, avocados offer healthy fats, while veggies give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs


3. Oatmeal, protein powder, and blueberries 

Research continues to show that oats can help with everything from digestion to skincare. The complex carbs present also provide your system with sustained energy, making oatmeal the perfect pre-workout meal or snack. 


When tossed into a bowl with protein powder for muscle recovery and blueberries for antioxidants, you end up with a simple yet delicious and nutritious meal. 


4. Chicken breast, rice, and veggies

Chicken breast, rice, and veggies may be a typical pre (and post) workout meal, but that’s because it works. It provides your body with a nutritious blend of protein, complex carbs, and fiber. 


If you’re a fan of dark meat, feel free to substitute chicken breasts for thighs. You’ll also get a bit more healthy fats by doing so! 


5. Protein shake

Most people make a protein shake after they work out, but there’s nothing wrong with making one before your workout, as well. In fact, doing so is a great way to ensure that your muscles have no problem recovering after a strenuous workout. 


Combine protein powder with milk (dairy and non-dairy options both work) and even peanut butter. 

6. Yogurt and fresh fruit

If you’re short on time and don’t have time to make a meal, throw a handful of fresh fruit into a bowl with unsweetened yogurt. Berries and bananas work great, but almost any fruit will do the trick. 


Yogurt with fresh fruit gives you protein, carbs, nutrients, and fluids—all of which are essential for good workouts. 


7. A moderate amount of caffeine 

Unless you want the jitters, you shouldn’t throw a cup of coffee back before hitting the treadmill. However, a moderate amount of caffeine can help you stay energized while exercising. 


Just make sure to combine your coffee or pre-workout drink with toast, nuts, or fruit to avoid the jitteriness later on. 


Energizing yourself to success 

Pre-workout foods should provide your body with the energy it needs to power through cardio and strength workouts. The best way to do that is by mixing protein with complex carbs and healthy fats. 


Try energizing yourself with one of the foods mentioned above before your next workout!

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