7 evidence-based benefits of cranberries

Cranberries are all around us, and in a variety of forms. They are floating in our festive cocktails during the holidays. Cranberry juice is offered on airlines. Sauce is passed around on Thanksgiving, and dried ones are in seasonal salads. So, what are the health benefits of this omnipresent fruit?

Read on to learn seven evidence-based benefits of cranberries.


1. Urinary Tract Health

One of the most commonly known uses of cranberries, and cranberry juice, is to prevent Urinary Tract Infections, or UTI’s. While many people swear by it to help cure a UTI you are currently experiencing, this is actually not the best use. Cranberries can help prevent future UTIs, they are not going to get rid of one that is already developed (1).


2. High in fiber

Cranberries are high in fiber, each cup having about 4 grams of it. Fiber helps keep you fuller during the day, which makes cranberries a great snack when you need something to fill you up until your next meal (2).


3. Reduced risk of cancer

While cranberries alone won’t prevent cancer, they can aid in the overall effort. Cranberries can help prevent the growth of cancerous cells, and can even help kill ones that have already developed (3).


4. Improved oral health

Cranberries are great at preventing bacteria from sticking, and the same applies to your mouth. Whether it be your teeth, your tongue, or the roof of your mouth, cranberries can help prevent the bacteria from sticking. This can lead to better breath, healthier teeth, and the prevention of gum disease.


5. Boosted immune system

Has anyone ever suggested you up your vitamin C intake when you’re fighting off a cold? This is great advice, and cranberries can help you do so. Cranberries are a good source of vitamin C, so trying to have more of them during flu season is a way to help your immune system.


6. Improved heart health

There are many studies that show the benefits that cranberries have for your heart. For one, cranberries can help lower your cholesterol, which in turn lends itself to a healthy heart. Cranberries can also help improve your blood pressure. Plus, cranberries can help out people who already have heart disease, too. People with heart disease tend to have stiffer blood vessels, and cranberries can help decrease that.


7. Improve eyesight

WIth so many of us spending our days staring at screens  (laptops, cell phones, and televisions), the least we can do is improve our diet to help our eyes stay healthy. Carrots often get all of the credit for providing our eyes health benefits, but cranberries shouldn’t be forgotten.


If you struggle with the taste of cranberries or getting enough of them in your diet, you can always opt for a cranberry supplement, instead. They are typically an over-the-counter supplement that consists of cranberry extract. You won’t taste the cranberry when you swallow the pill, which is an easy way for people to consume cranberry if the bitter taste is difficult for you when it’s in its raw form.

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