A yoga sequence for core strength

Yoga is an extremely effective way to build core strength. You don’t need to burn out in the gym to exercise your core and strengthen your abs. Yoga is all about core stability. In order to properly align the body in most postures, a solid foundation in your core is necessary. A sequence that weaves in postures that strengthen the core is a great way to improve your practice overall. If you are looking to build core strength, try this yoga sequence yourself. 


Arm and leg extensions 

Come into a table top position, knees underneath the hips and hands stacked underneath the shoulders. Engage your core and keep a long neutral spine. On an inhale extend your right arm forward and left leg behind you, keeping the hips squared to the mat and foot flexed. On an exhale, curve your spine and touch your elbow to your knee. Inhale, extend your arm and leg, exhale and repeat. Repeat 10 rounds on each side.


High plank 

Come into high plank by stacking your arms underneath your shoulders and extending the legs, engaging the quads and keeping the toes tucked under. Engage your core and slightly tuck your tailbone to keep a neutral spine as you press the mat away, puffing up between the shoulder blades. Hold for up to 30 seconds. 



From a seat, extend your legs at a 45 degree angle off the mat as you lean back slightly, creating a V shape with the body, and extend your arms forward in front of you. If keeping your legs straight is too much, you can bend the knees. Keep a long spine and engage your core. Hold here for five breaths, then on an inhale, lower slightly until you are hovering off the ground, extending the legs and on an exhale come back up to the original shape. Repeat 10 times. 



Come down onto the mat and make your way into a forearm plank, elbows underneath your shoulders and forearms flat on the mat. On an inhale, slowly walk your legs toward your hands, coming into dolphin pose. Press into your forearms to keep your shoulders from collapsing and engage your core. Hold here for 15 seconds, slowly walking your way back to forearm plank and lower back down to the mat. 



Lay down on your stomach and bring your hands back by your sides. On an inhale, begin to peel the chest off of the mat. Continue by lifting the chest off the mat, and then the legs, until you are balancing on the hips and lower belly. Hold steady and breathe for 10-15 breaths before slowly lowering down on an exhale.

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