Afternoon snacks that will keep you full till dinner

We all know the feeling: you’re over halfway through the work day and your stomach starts to rumble. Unfortunately, you’ve already had lunch. What are you supposed to do now?

Snacks are an important part of your diet. Most people don’t get enough nutrients and calories in their meals, so snacks help fill the gap. Plus, snacks help keep you full in between meals. However, not all snacks are built equal. If you’re turning to the vending machine, you’ll have to be careful to get a snack that’ll fill you up, rather than making you crash before the end of the day.

Read on for afternoon snacks that will keep you full until dinner.


1. Avocado toast

Forget the idea that avocado toast is reserved for the first half of your day. This is a great snack for anytime, especially since it’ll keep you satisfied until your next meal. The bread and avocado will provide fiber, which help make you feel full, plus the avocado has those healthy fats that your body needs. If you’re able to put an egg on top, too, you’ll have a protein packed treat.


2. Smoothie

Smoothies are a great option to tide you over until dinner. As one benefit, you’ll be able to sneak in some extra fruit and veggies into your day. On the other hand, having a drink to sip on will keep you busy. If you think of your morning coffee, one of the things you may enjoy about it is having something enjoyable to sip on for half an hour. Think of your smoothie as your afternoon coffee! Make sure to add some greek yogurt to your smoothie to get some extra protein, too.


3. A sliced apple with nut butter

It’s important to have protein in your snacks so that you will stay full until your next meal. Pairing a fruit with a nut butter is a great way to do this. You can make this snack even more fun by making apple nachos - think of apples as the chips, and you can drizzle nut butter, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes to finish it off!


4. Hard boiled eggs

If you’re an egg lover, you probably already have this snack on the regular. It’s a great, healthy way to stay full in between meals. Plus, it’s a low-calorie way. For 140 calories, you’re getting 13 grams of protein. This is similar to what protein bars offer, yet it’s real, whole food. (1). 


5. Greek yogurt with granola

Greek yogurt is an easy go-to that you can stock in your fridge at work, or at home. There are so many flavor options that the possibilities are endless. Then, if you customize with granola, you can really get any flavor you want. If you’d like, you could add in a tablespoon of nut butter for extra flavor.


7. Turkey roll up

Simply wrap some turkey in a slice of cheese, and there you have it. This is an easy, low-carb way to get some extra protein in your belly before dinner. You can pair it with some crackers and fruit if you want to feel like you have a mid-day charcuterie board.

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