Bee's role in the environment

When we see bee’s while outside, we may automatically run away or swat at them to get further away from us. A bee’s stinger is certainly intimidating to many of us, but our fear of these special little insects is actually unwarranted. They are a very important part of the animal kingdom, and we’re here to share exactly the bee's role in the environment and how they make our planet so beautiful. 




It’s common to find a congregation of bees buzzing around flower beds or plants. Their love for nature actually serves a very important purpose in keeping flowers and plants healthy. Bees pollinate our plants by carrying and transferring pollen from a male part of the plant to a female part of the plant to fertilize them. This ultimately helps the plants reproduce, which means more greenery for your garden. This is bee’s main role in the environment, and it’s estimated that they pollinate billions of plants each year. So, if you’ve got a green thumb or are a houseplant parent, bees are something to be very thankful for.




One of the most important ways to keep our planet healthy and safe is making sure our plants and animals are protected. As pollinators, bees help build our ecosystem by supporting the growth of trees, plants, and flowers. In turn, these trees and plants serve as shelter and food for wildlife in the area. So, thanks to the bee’s, they’re helping not only build our ecosystem but also contributing to wildlife being protected. Who knew such small little creatures could make such a big impact?


Food Sourcing:


Bees do so much in making sure our gardens and greenhouses thrive, and as a result, deserve a special thanks in the produce we enjoy eating everyday. In helping more plants reproduce, this helps grow healthy vegetables and fruits you may be tending to in your garden. So, making a fresh from the garden salad, give a special thank you to the bees. In addition to helping us out with food, they also provide tons of tasty treats for birds, racoons, and other types of insects. 




We’re all trying to make our planet a more sustainable place, but little do a lot of us know that bees actually play a huge role in this mission. Ultimately, their contribution to pollination, food sourcing, and biodiversity helps sustainable development tremendously. With the bees’ help, we could look forward to a long-lasting healthy planet.

Bees may be intimidating when they're close to us, but it’s important to understand the key roles they play in our environment. Currently, we’ve seen the number of bees drop dramatically over recent years which could mean very bad news for the future of our planet. According to the U.S. National Agricultural Statistics, there has been a 60% reduction in the bee population and bee colonies from 1947 to 2008 (1). Taking this information to heart, it’s imperative we try our best to protect these very special insects. Afterall, they help keep our planet healthy and bee-utiful.

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