Bringing your sustainability resolutions to life

People have been setting New Year’s goals and resolutions for thousands of years. And, as you might expect, these have evolved with the times. In Ancient Babylon, citizens used New Year’s to reaffirm their loyalty to the king, while hundreds of years later, early Christians resolved to be better, more faithful people. Today, while many still hope to “lose weight” or “quit smoking”, more and more people are setting a different New Year’s resolution.


They’re setting a goal to be more sustainable throughout the year.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who set New Year’s resolutions end up being unsuccessful. But wanting to be more sustainable is something that everyone should do. So how can you bring your sustainability resolution to life?


Read on to learn about simple steps you can take to be a more sustainable person. 


Be aware of your coffee consumption

Americans drink hundreds of millions of cups of coffee each day. While a moderate intake of coffee is good for your health, it’s not always good for the environment. Our love for coffee causes millions of pounds worth of coffee grounds to end up in landfills each day. This converts into hundreds of thousands of pounds of methane — a gas that many environmentalists believe is worse than CO2. 


If you’re hesitant to eliminate coffee from your diet altogether, be smart about your consumption. If you brew coffee at home, don’t just discard the grounds. You can add them to a compost pile, or if you don’t have one, use them to fertilize your yard. 


Shop from sustainable stores

Consumerism is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. The constant buying and discarding of everything from clothing to face masks and furniture takes a toll on the environment, particularly in terms of plastic waste. 


Try your best to buy from sustainable and ethical stores in 2022. When it comes time to get rid of old objects, try donating them or selling them instead of just throwing them out. You want to keep using products and avoid sending them to a landfill for as long as possible! 


Don’t buy products that harm endangered species

Despite knowing how threatened certain species are, many people still buy souvenirs and products made from them. Ivory, shark fins, reptile skins, tortoise shells, horns, claws, teeth, and bones are all products that we should stay away from in 2022.


Again, knowledge is power — don’t buy anything if you’re unsure about its origins. 


Eat smart 

Americans waste vast amounts of food — around one-third of all the food that the country produces. As we move into the new year, try your best to cut down on food waste. Try meal planning, meal prepping, and saving leftovers to avoid having to toss bad food away. 


You should also be aware of the environmental impact of the foods you’re eating. For example, meat requires huge amounts of resources to produce. You might not want to eliminate it from your diet, but you can try reducing how much of it you eat.


Spread the word 

Like any movement, the Climate Revolution won’t occur if only a small number of people are taking steps to be a part of it. Do what you can to engage with others around you and encourage them to be more sustainable in the new year as well.

With enough people and momentum, the planet’s future can become a promising one.    

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