Diet’s role in childhood development: how to feed your kids for the future

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” No, no one is going to turn into the burger they had for dinner last night. The nutrients from the burger do become part of you, though. The protein from the beef will help build and repair cells, the carbohydrates from the fluffy bun will give you energy, and the calcium from the pepperjack cheese will help strengthen your teeth and bones. So, how does the food we feed our kids affect them? 

Childhood development relies on a nutritious diet. Kids need food in order to grow, and not just any food. The guidelines for what to eat, and how much of it, differ based on age and sex. While no one expects you to be weighing and measuring your kids’ meals, the guidelines from the Mayo Clinic help you get an idea of what your kid needs to be eating. 

The food children eat in adolescence is crucial to their health for the rest of their lives, too. If a child eats poorly, they become more likely to encounter health problems later in life. Osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and diabetes are all threats for a child with a diet lacking in nutrients.  

So, how can we feed our kids the nutrients they need? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Small things can make a big difference in diet, such as adding an extra serving of vegetables to a few meals this week. No one expects you to make perfect food choices all of the time. Making a conscious effort to add some nutritious goodness into your diet is a great start, though. 

A way to make nutritious meals easy is trying out a meal kit service, like Hello Fresh or Green Chef. You’ll save time grocery shopping and planning since these companies send pre-portioned ingredients for recipes right to your door. Green Chef’s three types of meal plans are keto + paleo, balanced living, and plant-powered. Even if you only do these meals a few times a week, there will be an improvement in your family’s nutrition.  

Vitapod is another great way for your family to up their health game. We all know we need to be drinking plenty of water, but the pods from Vitapod help you get more health benefits out of it. Any tap water is instantly made into a tasty, nutritious beverage once you add a pod. The recommended ages for use depend on which pod you’re looking to try. Hydra+ is the perfect addition to the whole family’s drink, especially in the summer. Your kids will love it because of the flavor options, like watermelon and cotton candy. You’ll love it because of the burst of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, and electrolytes. No matter why you love it, Vitapod helps fill the gaps many of us miss in our diets. When it comes to childhood development, we can’t risk not giving our kids the nutrients they need. Bottom line? Make an effort to give your kids the foods and drinks that will help them live happy, healthy lives. 

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