Easy 10-Minute Workout

It can often be challenging to fit a time in your busy schedule to work out for 30 minutes to an hour. What is often not considered is that any amount of exercise is good – any way you can get your body moving is healthy! Clinical studies have proven, time after time, that physical activity has dozens of life-changing health benefits (1).  

Which is why we are developing a weekly 10-minute workout series. This way you get a quick and fun new workout every week.  

10-Minute Workout – Full body 

2 x 5 

Do each workout continually for 1 minute and repeat the cycle twice.   

1. Arms - Small circles forward and back  

Lift your arms until they are the same level as your shoulders. Your arms should be straight. You should be in the shape of a cross. Start to make small circles with your arms. Make circles forward first for 30 seconds then backwards for the other 30 seconds.  

2. Abs - Flutters  

Lay down with your back on the floor. Lift your legs so that they are levitating off the ground. Make sure to not arch your back and tighten your core. Begin lifting your legs up and down in a slow fluid motion. 

3. Glutes - Donkey kicks  

Position yourself onto your hands and knees. Choose whichever leg you want to start with. Lift your foot and knee off the ground and drive your leg as high up as it can go. Alternate between your right and left leg.  

4. Inner Thighs  - Inner thigh lift 

Lay down on your side. You can lean your torso on your arm or you can rest it on the ground. If you are laying on your right side, bend your left leg over your right leg. Now lift your right leg up and down. Make sure to keep your right leg straight. You should feel a burn in your inner thigh.  

5. Full body - Plank  

Make sure to tighten your core and to keep your body as straight as possible. Hold for a minute.  

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