Easy Green Energy Smoothie

This simple three-ingredient smoothie is ideal for working out - with a mix of energy from our pod, greens from the kale, and carbohydrates from the banana you will be ready to take on any workout! 

Ingredients: Serves 2


1. Pour the kale and bananas into the blender first. It helps to use pre-sliced frozen bananas so the blender doesn't have to work as hard to blend the bananas. You'll want the kale on the side of the blender cup closer to the blades. This way the kale will have more time to blend. 

2. Make your Energy+ beverage in your Vitapod machine. An 8 oz. serving should be ideal. If you want more of an energy kick two shots of Energy+ would also work. 

3. Blend till you reach yout desired consistency. 

4. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

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