Everything you need to know about fermented foods

Let’s be honest, the concept of “fermented” foods may not sound appealing to many of us. Even if you’re not a fan of foods like kimchi or sauerkraut, fermented foods come in many different forms and can play a huge role in making sure our digestion is balanced and fights inflammation in the body. So, here’s what to know about fermented foods and all the benefits they reap.

To start this off, let’s briefly explain what the term fermented really means. The fermentation process essentially just involves bacteria and yeast breaking down sugars, which can help food preservation. Fermented foods are well-known for fighting inflammation in the body and strengthening your immune system. This can help you feel more energized throughout the day and fight feelings of depression, fatigue, and also greatly improves gut health. Overall, these foods have a variety of benefits that help nearly every part of your body and also will you just keep you happier throughout the day. 

So, don’t let the concept of fermentation scare you, because not all fermented foods are the same. 

Types of Fermented Foods:


Perhaps one of the most well-known fermented foods, kimchi is tangy and slightly spicy fermented cabbage. It’s packed with spices, which gives it its red color, and is a great addition with rice and other vegetables.


Made up of fermented soybeans, tempeh is often used as a substitute for meat similarly to tofu. This meat substitute is packed with protein, and can be prepared in numerous ways. It’s packed with probiotics and nutrients which can reduce your risk of heart disease and other health conditions.


Whether you love it or hate it, we all know it. Kombucha has taken over by storm as one of the trendiest beverages we can consume, and guess what, it’s fermented. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that’s made from either green or black tea. In addition to being fizzy and tart, a bottle of kombucha is packed with probiotics and is linked to help reduce blood sugar.

Miso Soup:

On a chilly day, a bowl of miso soup can really hit the spot. Little do most of us know is that miso is actually made from fermented soybeans. Studies have shown that miso is linked to reduced blood cancer and may actually help lower your risk of developing certain cancers. Who knew a little cup of soup could make such a big difference?

Probiotic Yogurt:

We should start off by saying that not all yogurt brands fall into this category. However, when you’re browning the grocery store, it’s likely you’ll come across one container that boasts its probiotic benefits. Unlike other types of yogurt, this specific type is made of fermented milk and helps reduce blood pressure. Afterall, yogurt is the perfect way to start your morning off during breakfast. 

It’s finally time for fermented foods to get their proper credit. Whether you’re cracking open a kombucha or heating up some miso soup, your body will thank you for the nutrients. Enjoy!

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