Five ways to make spinach more exciting for the whole family

Spinach is seen as the demise for most kids at dinner time—slimy when cooked and tastes too much like grass when it’s raw. But the health benefits of spinach are abundant. Spinach improves eyesight, prevents cancer, and lowers blood pressure.


Here are five ways to spruce up your spinach and make the whole family happy.

1. Put spinach in your smoothie

It may seem counterintuitive to put veggies in a fruit smoothie, but this is a great way to eat your greens without tasting your greens. Just put a handful of spinach in the next smoothie that you make and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little you taste this leafy green.


The taste of the tart berries or creamy bananas overpower the taste of spinach every time and the green color of the smoothie can be fun for kids. Make up a fun story to go along with the smoothie like it’s monster juice that will give them super powers.

2. Make a spinach pesto sauce for pasta

Pasta is a great way to feed a bunch of people in an easy and nutritious way. It’s also a great place to hide some spinach. If your kids love pesto pasta, then make a pesto packed full of spinach. This leafy green not only gives the pesto its signature green color, but also gives the whole family a much-needed nutrient boost.


A simple recipe to follow usually includes spinach, pine nuts, basil, parmesan and olive oil, which you just throw into a food processor and blend. It’s super easy and super tasty.

3. Mix the spinach with cheese and throw it inside some pastry

You can never go wrong with melty cheese inside a flaky pastry, so why not add a little spinach in there while you’re at it?


Spanakopita, a popular Greek dish, is a good way to do that. Cut up your spinach into smaller pieces beforehand so you’re not pulling out long, slimy strings of spinach with every bite. Mix with feta cheese to give it that sharp, salty bite to help overpower the taste of spinach. Lastly, a crispy piece of filo dough on the top makes for the perfect dish.

4. Put spinach in pancakes

If your kids love Dr. Seuss and his famous book, Green Eggs and Ham, then you can have a little fun with breakfast one morning by making these green pancakes. Just add some spinach into your pancake batter and your kids won’t know the difference, except for the color, of course!


If you want to make them extra special, add in a bit of vanilla and honey to sweeten them up a little bit more. You can even add a little bit of blended spinach into your kids eggs to make them green too. 

5. Put spinach on your pizza (or in a calzone)

If your family loves pizza but doesn’t love spinach, then combine the two for a tasty dish. Even better, if your kids can’t stand the sight of something green on their beloved pizza, then vie for a calzone, so they won’t see the spinach until their digging into a cheesy pocket of goodness.


Put some pepperoni or sausage in there too for some added protein and you will have a tasty and nutritious dish.


Eating spinach doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. It can be a yummy adventure for the whole family.

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