How to get fruits and vegetables into your kids diet

When you have kids, getting them to eat healthily can feel like a struggle. If you’re lucky enough to have a kid that likes a few veggies and fruits, there may be some that they would never even consider putting in their mouths. Whether you’re trying to help your child start eating vegetables altogether, or you’d like to start introducing some more to their diet, read on for tips on how to get fruits and vegetables into your children’s diet.


1. Model good behavior

If you want your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, you should be willing to eat them too. Whenever you want fruit or veggies as a snack, be sure to offer them to your kids. Once you find a fruit or veggie your kids enjoy and ask for, make sure to always have it on hand. At the end of the day, it’s better they choose a favorite fruit or veggie than turn to potato chips.


2. Be sneaky

You don’t need to tell your kids that they’re having more fruits and veggies than they’re aware of. You can easily stir in extra veggies to a pasta sauce, fruits to a smoothie, or veggies to a soup. It’s likely that your kids won’t taste the difference. Then, the next time you want them to eat that fruit or vegetable, you’ll have leverage. When they say they don’t want a particular food, you can let them know that the ingredient was in the meal that they previously enjoyed.


3. Provide incentives

While we don’t want to encourage bribing of your children, there are some scenarios that an incentive that will do you well. For instance, you could allow 30 extra minutes of electronic time for each kid that tries the new veggie on their plate. Or, you could let your kids pick out a new book at the book store if they finish all of the veggies on their plate for a full week. While dessert can be an easy incentive to think of, it shouldn’t be your go-to solution. If you make dessert the incentive, your kids may begin to associate some foods as a reward, and some as a chore, which could impact their relationship with food.


4. Drink up

You don’t need to encourage your children to eat more fruits and vegetables, necessarily - they can drink them too! There are great options on the market that will help fill the gaps in your kid's diet, and your kids will love drinking them, too. Vitapod has plenty of kid-friendly options that are not only packed with vitamins and minerals, but also have plant-based antioxidants to ensure a complete diet for the whole family. Plus, with flavors like cotton candy and watermelon, your kids will be asking for Vitapod instead of water. 

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