Is classical music the best for your baby?

As your kids grow, their taste in music grows, too. As a toddler, they may have some nursery rhymes that they ask you to play. As a kid, they may have some singers or bands that they can ask for by name. By the time they’re a teenager, your child surely lets you know their opinion on music, including their opinions on what you like to listen to. However, what are you supposed to play for your baby?

Read on to learn what music is best for your baby and why.

Since infants can’t speak, it makes sense that the words of music won’t really connect with them. Whie Adele’s lyrics may create strong emotions inside of, the same won’t be done for a baby that has no idea what she is saying. This is why the beat and the melody of music are more important for babies than the lyrics (1).

Due to the lack of words and soothing melody, classical music is the best choice you can play for your baby. 


Classical music is beneficial for babies because (2) :

  • It helps with language development 
  • Helps improve memory
  • Increases growth and development 
  • Can help your baby sleep 
  • Makes them calm and happy
  • Can improve IQ


When we discuss these benefits for your baby, they start even before you formally meet your child. That’s right, hearing music from the womb impacts your baby (3). In a study, babies that were exposed to 70 hours of classical music while in the womb had more advanced motor skills than their counterparts that received no exposure.


The benefits of music doesn’t stop as your baby becomes a toddler. 


As they age, music can help your kids (3) :

  • Empathize with others
  • Develop trust for others
  • Do better in school
  • Be more creative
  • Broaden their vocabulary


Since classical music is proven to be the best option for your child, you may be wondering at what age you should expose them to more types of music. There is no harm in playing different types of music for your child early in life, but classical music does seem to have the most benefits associated with it. Once your child is about four or five, they will be able to remember songs more easily. This means that they may recognize and sing along to a song they hear on the radio, rather than only being able to remember songs that are geared towards kids, such as ones you’d hear on a kids’ television show. So, this is the age when you will want to focus on asking your kids their opinions on music. Realizing what type of music they enjoy will help you lead their development, plus it can make car rides more fun!


There isn’t an exact science to how much classical music you should be playing for your baby, but it’s an easy thing to add to your routine. Maybe music becomes part of your bedtime routine, or perhaps it’s played anytime you need to change their diaper. You can use the calming effect of music to your benefit anytime you need to, as well, which is a great tool for babies that have trouble sleeping for consecutive hours.

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