Keep your kids healthy this winter with 10 simple tips

Winter is a relief after the scorching summer months, especially around the holidays if you're hoping for a white Christmas! Unfortunately, this sentiment isn’t always echoed by our children. Their small and delicate bodies make them more prone to feeling cold, so you'll need some ideas to keep them healthy and disease-free this winter.


1. Fill your children's bellies with vitamin-rich foods and beverages!

Food is our primary source of energy and vitamins, which our bodies use to fight and prevent disease. During the cold season, your children will require a higher dose of vitamins to maintain their immunity at all times. Serve extra fruits, yogurt, vegetables, and meat to keep up their vitals. You can also buy some healthy drinks that your children will enjoy! (1)

2. Keep your children hydrated.

Winter may be a cold season, but that doesn't mean we should let our children become dehydrated during this time. Our children require water to stay healthy. In fact, water aids our bodies in fighting illnesses and transporting toxins out of the body. (2)


3. Sugar and sweets should be consumed in moderation.

Holidays can also mean an increase in the number of sweets, candies, or chocolates available to your children! It is certainly not advisable for them to consume more sugar, which can lead to poor health. Rather than banning candy altogether, use the opportunity to teach your child the life-lesson of enjoying these treats in moderation.

4. Wash those hands!

Contrary to what you might think, bacteria and germs do not take a break or ‘slow down’ during the winter. It is still recommended that your children wash their hands before and after eating, as well as at regular intervals if you are spending time in public places. Fortunately, handwashing stations are plentiful in our post-pandemic world!

5. Moisturize the skin.

Cold weather can cause dry skin due to a lack of humidity in the cold air. This sudden change can harm your child’s delicate skin. Think about switching out your regular soap for a mild version and use moisturizer regularly during this season.

6. Get plenty of rest!

We must never lose sight of basic necessities. Our children require more sleep than anyone else in order for their bodies to grow and stay healthy. If sleep deprivation is bad for adults, it’s detrimental for children. Allow them to sleep for at least 10-14 hours for toddlers to children, and much longer for babies. (3,4)

7. Keep your kids warm.

We are all aware of how cold it can be during the winter, and our children may be outside for extended periods of time. To keep your child’s immune system strong, avoid letting them get too cold: multiple layers can be a great solution.

8. Use vitamin D supplementation for the winter.

We all know that vitamin C helps us have a stronger immune system, but did you know that vitamin D can help prevent or lessen the severity of a cold? Even in the dead of winter, children require vitamin D. Why not give them a vitamin boost? (5)

9. Keep your kids physically fit.

Kids love to have fun, and that doesn’t change during the winter months. They don’t hibernate! This is a good thing, as exercise is important for their overall wellbeing. Why not encourage them to participate in activities that they can still enjoy despite the cold weather? This will keep your children active and healthy. (6)

10. Seek medical advice.

If it appears that your child is not doing well, it is best to seek professional medical advice on how to treat any colds or illnesses that may arise during the winter season.


Seasons come and go, but your job of taking care of the family never ends. So it’s important to partner up with high-quality materials and food to keep everyone safe and fit, especially during this pandemic. Good thing Vitapod is here to make sure each member of the family stays happy and healthy!

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