Quick morning meditation

How we spend our mornings determines the direction of the rest of our day. It is important that we start our days with intention and fill up our cups before we go about tending to the rest of our day. Meditation is a powerful way to find stillness in the morning hours. It helps us begin our day with intention and a clear mind so that we can show up with an open heart and relaxed state as we navigate the rest of the day. This quick morning meditation can be done in under 10 minutes and will be your new ally in prepping for the day ahead. 

Begin in a comfortable seat. Take a few deep inhales through the nose and long audible exhales through the mouth. Place your palms face down on your thighs and keep a long erect spine. Return the breath back to normal and relax into your posture. Take a moment to set an intention for your day. This could be something like “clarity” or “relaxation” or any sort of intention that resonates with you and your goals for the day ahead. 

Start to direct your awareness to the sensation of the breath. Notice where you feel the sensation the strongest. It may be your abdomen as it expands and contracts, or may be your nostrils as you feel the air enter and leave. Identify this place and direct your awareness there, becoming curious about the sensation and witnessing the breath as it enters and leaves. Maintain your awareness and when you notice that the mind is wandering as it inevitably will, gently and nonjudgmentally redirect your awareness back to the sensation of the breath. Continue this for 5-17 minutes. 

Release your awareness from the breath and begin to visualize a warm golden light about 20 feet above your head, streaming it’s light into your body, relaxing and rejuvenating every cell. Visualize the light entering through the crown of the head, slowly moving down through the face, shoulders, chest, stomach, and all the way down the body until it moves to the toes. Feel your body immersed in this warm, loving energy. Breathe in the sensation for a couple minutes. 

Release the visual of the golden lights, allowing it to exit the body through the feet and move into the earth beneath you. Return to your breath, and take a few deep inhales, and deep sighs out. Gently invite your awareness into the space around you. Notice the sounds you are hearing, smells in the air, temperature of the room or any other sensations you become aware of. Gently begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes, slowly blinking the eyes open and coming back to the space around you. Move slowly and intentionally as you come out of your meditation and begin the rest of your day.

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