Rolling our your muscles: What are the benefits and is it worth it?

Whether you’re working from home, or back in the office, sitting all day can seriously impact our muscles by making them weak, tight, and fatigued. Some people may opt to take time each day to stretch or get some steps in, but what is the benefit of doing that? We’re breaking down all there is to know about rolling out your muscles: the benefits, risks, and if it’s really worth trying out. 


Taking care of your muscles is important, but it doesn’t always mean you need to hit the gym by lifting weights or exercising to do that. Sometimes just showing them some love by rolling them out or stretching can make a huge difference for the rest of your day, and your overall health. The question that’s on our minds: is it really worth doing it regularly? Here are some things to know about rolling out those tightly wound muscles.


One of the most helpful ways to successfully roll out your muscles is by using a foam roller, which is a cylindrical tube that’s often used after workouts. However, the key thing to remember is that there are correct and incorrect ways to use it. By using it in the correct way, rolling out your muscles can help you ease muscle pain, increase your range of motion, manage inflammation and soreness, and just overall make you feel more relaxed. Plus, for adults who experience regular back/muscle pain or have conditions such as fibromyalgia, this can be an extremely easy and helpful way to manage consistent pain so you can go about your day without any discomfort. 


This all sounds like a pretty good deal, but even something as seemingly simple as rolling out your muscles can be detrimental if you’re not using the proper technique or under the right circumstances. Before you whip out that roller to get started, make sure to do some research about the proper way to use a muscle roller. One thing to know is that it’s important you avoid rolling out any smaller joints such as knees, elbows, or ankles as it can put too much strain on those muscles. This can lead to actually damaging the joints as opposed to relieving pain. Another thing to take note of is that rolling out muscles that are injured (such as being torn or broken) can actually lead to damaging the muscles even more. So, be wary of those precautions. 

Overall, rolling out your muscles can be a great way to stretch out your tight muscles after a particularly intense workout, or if you’re feeling stressed after a long day of work. So, if done properly, it’s definitely worth taking some time out of your day to roll out your muscles. But remember, proper instruction and technique is key in order to keep your body safe. I suggest doing some research before jumping right in, and maybe checking out some tutorials on how other people use their roller. Afterall, information is power and safety is sexy.

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