Sustainable gifts for kids

Ah, to be a kid again. Life was so easy, wasn’t it? The only thing you worried about was finishing your homework so you could go outside and play with your favorite toys.


Yes, those were the days…


But now that you’re a parent, you realized that a lot of your favorite toys weren’t really eco-friendly. They were probably made of plastic, which meant when you outgrew them, they most likely ended up in a landfill.


Over the past few years, there’s been a massive shift in how we look at the world. Now, even toy manufacturers know the importance of sustainability.  However, even with this increased awareness, 81% of manufacturers are still not changing how they do business.


That’s where you come in. You can still do your part and teach your children about sustainability.


Below are 8 sustainable gifts to give your kids this year!


1. Gardening Kits

If you’re looking to combine education with entertainment, gardening kits are the way to go. These kid-friendly, sustainable gardens bring nature indoors, which is perfect if you live in an apartment. And in the age of all things digital, watching these gardens grow is a welcomed change. 


Here’s a short list of our top picks to get you started:


  • Grow n’ Grow Terrarium
  • Magic Bean Garden
  • Sprout & Grow Observation Station


Excluding infants and very small children, garden kits are great for kids of all ages.


2. Adopt a Wild Animal


You’re never too young to learn about wildlife preservation. From polar bears and koalas to elephants and penguins, you can give the gift of life. At WWF, your donation goes towards an adoption kit in your child’s name.


They’ll not only receive photos of their adopted pet, but also an adoption certificate, species card and super cute gift bag and plushie.


3. Eco-Friendly Paint


Bring out your child’s inner Picasso with a set of sustainable paints. While there’s no shortage of choices online, we’re currently in love with Eco-Kids finger paint.


Made with fruit and vegetable extracts, these paints are non-toxic, GMO-free and are perfect for kids 3 years old and up.


4.  Sprout Plantable Colored Pencils


If your little one, or not-so-little-one, loves doodling, then plantable colored pencils are the way to go. Sprouts colored pencils are made from sustainable materials and are also biodegradable.


Once the pencils are too short to use, you turn them upside down and plant them. Your child then gets to watch them grow into a fragrant flower or tasty herbs! 


They’re also made of PEFC-certified wood, which guarantees that for every tree harvested, another one is planted.


5. Berg Buddy Go-Kart


If your child has a need for speed, The Buddy Go-Kart is the answer. Although it’s designed for kids ages 3-8, they have go-karts for kids as young as 10 months. It’s also Cradle-to-Cradle silver level certified and only uses recyclable materials in production.


6. Energy Muse Crystal Kit


Teach your tween how to keep the positive energy flowing with Energy Muse Crystals. Each box contains 4 crystals, all of which create feelings of love, prosperity, safety and peace. They also have Chakra kits you can create as well.


7. Kiss Natural DIY


Albeit a bath bomb, lip balm or glycerin soaps, Kiss Natural offers DIY’ers an easy and sustainable way to make handmade products.


All kits are 100% paraben-free and non-toxic and come with a reusable cloth bag for storage. In addition, Kiss Natural donates $1 to different charities with each purchase.


Going green, especially when it comes to gifts, doesn’t need to be boring. With so many options out there, the hardest part is deciding what to buy! 

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