The Temperature for Optimal Hydration

What is the temperature for optimal hydration? You may be looking for an exact number – in reality, it’s more of a range. The temperature range of 50-72°F is considered the optimal temperature range for hydration. But what about this temperature range makes it optimal for hydration? Glad you asked. There are different reasons to drink different water temperatures – with cold water being touted as the best for weight loss and warm or room temperature water being the best for when you feel ill.   

But studies have shown that water that is on the cooler side is best for hydration as it passes through your stomach faster and thereby rehydrates you faster.  

study from 2013 on the effect of water temperature and voluntary drinking on post rehydration found that the water temperature of 16°C (60.8°F) was the optimum point for rehydration in dehydrated athletes. This water was considered cool tap water.  

This is why each Vitapod beverage is in the temperature range of 50-59°F. It is on the lower end of the optimal hydration temperature range of 50-72°F to rehydrate you faster but also to provide you with a cool and refreshing beverage.  

Cooler water has also been shown to temporarily increase your resting metabolism since your body burns more calories to warm up when cold water has passed through your system. However, our products temperature isn’t cold enough to shock your system – simply to quench your thirst.  

Of course, drinking water in general, no matter the temperature, is the key to hydration. But we like to take the extra step here at Vitapod, and that extra step is providing you with the perfect combination of cool and rehydrating water. So you can reach optimal hydration faster.   

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