Three prompts to help you stick to your new years resolutions

As the new year continues, you are hopefully still sticking to some of your resolutions. If you want to stick to your resolution, it’s important that you set the framework for success early on to ensure it becomes a habit. For many of us, it can be hard to keep our resolutions because of the time it requires to do so. If these resolutions were easy, they probably wouldn’t be resolutions in the first place, right? 


Try out this series of writing prompts to help set the framework for your resolutions to make sure you reach your goal this year.


1. Break down your goal(s)

No matter what your resolutions are, there are components to them. By recognizing everything that is a factor in your resolution, you can make more impactful progress. For example, if your goal is to work on your health, you may need to break down your exercise goals, your diet, your sleep habits, your water intake, and even stress. Without accounting for each part of your goal, it may be hard to truly monitor your progress. Or, if your goal is related to having a more clean and organized home, you may need to think about your routine regarding decluttering, laundry, and cleaning each room in your house thoroughly. Some people may forget to wash their pillowcases regularly if they don’t make a note to do so, or they may struggle to remember the last time the shower got a deep clean. Take a moment to write down everything you can think of that is a part of your resolution, then run it by a friend or family member to see if there’s anything missing.


2. Create a schedule

As mentioned, sticking to your resolutions takes time and effort. You won’t magically find yourself having stuck to your goals without putting some intention behind it. To create a schedule, you can either make a weekly routine or fill out a whole month. First, you’ll want to mark the frequency of everything you listed in the previous prompt. Maybe you need to meal prep once a week, exercise three times a week, and meditate every morning. Or, you may want to wash the sheets once a week, do laundry every three days, and do a closet cleanout once a month. Once you have listed all of your tasks and their regularity, you can start to fill out your schedule. If you know you won’t get anything accomplished over the weekends, you’ll have to balance everything during the week. You may have night class twice a week, so those nights may not allow for additional tasks. With your weekly schedule in mind, write down which tasks you need to accomplish each day to meet your goals.


3. Track your progress

Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s time to get your progress in motion. Dedicate a page in your journal, or even use a dedicated tracker, for your progress. There are plenty of online resources to help create your tracker, including these templates. Every week, you should make sure to mark off every task you complete, and also make a note of which ones you failed to complete. When you fail to complete a task, you should write a short note about why you didn’t. This will help keep you accountable, but also allows you to be human. We can’t always be perfect, so you should still appreciate the things that you were able to accomplish in the past week. To go along with your tracker, you can also provide incentives for yourself. If you have a fitness goal, maybe you’ll allow yourself to purchase a new pair of running shoes after a full month of completing each of the tasks associated with your goals. If you have a cleaning goal, maybe you can get the new vacuum you’ve had your eye on after three months of sticking to your schedule. As many people know, the best way to make progress is to focus on consistency. You may not accomplish all of your predetermined tasks each week, but by documenting your progress and rewarding yourself with incentives, you will have fun reaching your new year’s resolutions.

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