Ways to avoid fast fashion

As the new year begins, people have a tendency to want to reinvent themselves. New Year's Resolutions may be related to your mental health, physical health, your effect on the environment, finding a new hobby, or anything else people want to kick off the new year with. For some, it may be tempting to reinvent their image in the new year. We’ve all heard the cliche saying, “New Year, New Me,” and for some people, that may mean they want to change up their look. If you are looking to change up your wardrobe in the new year, you may be tempted to buy fast fashion. 

You can still change up your wardrobe without supporting fast fashion, which is detrimental to the environment (1).

Read on for X tips to avoid fast fashion while revamping your wardrobe this year.


1. Start with a closet clean-out

Could you name off every object of clothing that you have? Unless you’re a minimalist, the answer is probably no. Before buying any new clothing, you should take inventory of what you have. Put aside anything that is either too big or too small, as well as anything that you haven’t worn in the past year. These items can be donated, or sold at a secondhand shop. 


2. Make use of your space

Now that you are able to see everything that you own, make sure you are making your closet and drawer space work for you. Items that you need all the time, like socks and underwear, should be easily accessible, but they don’t necessarily need to be visible. You will find these items regardless, and you won’t forget about them. Items, like forgotten sweaters or pants, should be easily visible in your closet. This way, you’ll be sure to show each item in your closet proper love and use.

  1. Consider the items you need
    1. As you look to step-up your wardrobe, you’ll want to make a list of what items you feel you need in your closet. You might need a few nice coats to elevate your outfits. You may need some basics, like neutral colored tops, so you can have more options when you get dressed every day. Maybe you need more shoes to literally step-up your outfits.
  2. Look secondhand first
    1. As you consider your list, check out your local secondhand store first. You can often find higher quality pieces for a fraction of the price. Plus, it’s better for the environment.
  3. Look around at sustainable clothing shops
    1. There are many lists out there compiling the best sustainable clothing shops (2). Stores like Otherknown and Kotn work to use high quality products that will last,- as well as using recycled materials to further eliminate the carbon footprint.
  4. If you’re still considering fast fashion…
    1. Consider what you are paying for. When people buy fast fashion, they are often buying a mass quantity of clothes to keep up with the latest fads and trends. Rather than spending countless dollars to keep up, focus on buying pieces that you will like for years and years. This way, you will save money by investing in clothing you’ll cherish, and love wearing.
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