What does Viogradable mean?

You may have seen us use this word on our sustainability page. We wanted to take this time to expand on our trademarked term a little more.  

A product is biodegradable if it is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Typically, a product that is claimed as biodegradable must decompose within a year. Our pods can’t currently decompose fully within that timeline but due to the organic chemical compound in our plastic called EcoPure® we can biodegrade up to 93% in the correct conditions. EcoPure® plastic additives help plastic biodegrade after reacting with microorganisms found in landfills. This is what makes our packaging Viogradable.  

Our pods should always be recycled first, as they are made of fully recyclable plastic. This way our materials can be reused. But EcoPure® is in our pod packaging as a safety measure - if our pods don’t end up in a recycling facility they can still degrade in a landfill. Our engineers are currently working to make our pod packaging fully biodegradable but in the meantime make sure to recycle the pods after use and take some comfort in our Viogradable packaging! 

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