Yoga flow for self-empowerment

We all need a little boost sometimes, something to remind us of our inner strength and how worthy we are. Tapping into the innate power and strength of our bodies is an excellent way to remember our full potential. When we move with our breath and come back to the present moment, we are reminded of the divine nature of our bodies and this life. Yoga is a powerful way to empower us as humans and to find space in the body and mind. Try this yoga sequence for self empowerment to challenge your body and remember your potential. 


Downward facing dog 

Start in a downward facing dog, palms spread wide on the mat, directing the hips up and back toward the ceiling as you lengthen out the legs and spine, creating an inverted V with the body. Hold and breathe as you relax your shoulders and gaze back toward your navel. Stay for 10 breaths.



On an exhale, step your right foot between your hands. Inhale come up into a high lunge, extending your arms by the ears, hands facing the ceiling. Exhale, extend your arms behind you by your sides and shift your weight onto your right foot. Lift your left leg off the ground slowly as you straighten out your right leg and bring your upper body parallel to the mat. Keep your left leg at hip height and your hips squared to the mat. Hold and breathe for 10 breaths, keeping a steady drishti down on the mat beneath you. 


Standing splits 

From WIII, on an exhale fold over your right leg, inviting a gentle bend into the knee and extend the left leg toward the sky. Hold here and breathe. You can keep your hands on the mat or try grabbing your right ankle with one or both hands, testing your balance. Keep your hops squared to the mat and hold for 10 breaths. 


Kundalini squats 

Return your hands to the mat if you have grabbed for your ankle. Take a deep breath in, and on an exhale cross your left knee behind your right leg and sit low, coming into a kundalini squat. On an inhale straighten both legs back into standing splits, and on an exhale come back into your kundalini squat. Repeat this sequence 5 times. 


Cow face pose 

On your last kundali squat, exhale, come down to sit on the mat. Bring your heels by your glutes as you stack your right knee on top of your left, both knees facing the front of the mat. If your knees don’t stack, place a block or blanket between them for support. Place your hands on your feet and hold and breathe into the hips for 10 breaths. 


Seated twist 

Bring the soul of your right foot to the mat and knee to the sky. Take a deep breath in and twist to your right, cactus your left arm, placing your left elbow on the outside of your right leg and gaze over your right shoulder. Maintain a long neutral spine and hold for 10 breaths. 



Lie down on your mat, extending your arms and legs wide. Let go of any breath control or attempt to control the mind and allow your body to fully relax. Stay in your savasana for up to 7 minutes, slowly transitioning into a seat to resume the rest of your day when you are finished.

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