We are healthier than water. 

Formulated by Doctors

A revolutionary in-home drink system blending the freshest filtered water with vitamins, minerals and plant-based antioxidants.

30 Day Satisfaction

Level up your water


The world’s first state-of-the-art
machine that transforms your tap
water into the perfect, healthy,
delicious beverage.


Every pod is diligently formulated
by our board of human health
scientists to support and protect
you and your family.


Seriously, it’s delicious. Normally
‘healthy’ isn’t, but this time it is.
Ask the kids to try one to see how
good no sugar can really taste.

A system so complex, you only have to push a button.

Multi-Pass Filtration System

Our multi-pass filtration system removes harmful microplastics and toxins at a rate that is 10x more effective than current market leaders. This innovative filtration system sits within a wall of solid carbon that forces the water to constantly filter through.

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Mixing Chamber

The composite blending paddles in our mixing chamber rotate at 690 RPMS to perfectly blend our pod ingredients with freshly filtered water, leaving you with a crisp drink with no chalky aftertaste.

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Pod Chamber

The pod chamber is masterfully designed to automatically release the nutrients packed in each pod into the mixing chamber, with a spring-loaded closing mechanism to secure your pod in place while your drink is made.

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Magnetic Platform Tray

The magnetic platform can be raised or lowered to fit the exact size you want, making it easy to bring your glass closer to or further from the mixing chamber in seconds. Whether it's a large water bottle, shot glass, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. 

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Our key to closing the nutrition gap: Flavonoids.

What are flavonoids?

Flavonoids are a class of polyphenols that make up plant pigmentation to protect them against UV radiation and viruses. Humans can't produce flavonoids but once ingested they provide a plethora of benefits.

meet science.

Making a great tasting beverage is easy. To make great tasting beverages that actually provide nutrients essential to our everyday lives, we brought in a panel of doctors with over 100 years of experience to develop the formulas. Pioneers in nutrition, our board developed a technique using flavonoids and polyphenols aimed at increasing nutrient intake, revolutionizing the way beverages can nourish.

Dr. David Nieman


A pioneer in exercise and nutrition immunology research. 

“The low intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other healthy foods by most people has resulted in significant nutrient deficiencies. My team worked with Vitapod to develop novel formulations that bridge these nutrient gaps and promote health and wellness.”

Dr. Guiseppe Valacchi


An international expert in skin 
health and aging.

“Skin is our first barrier against environmental stressors and can be strongly improved by diet. My team and I have formulated the Beauty+ shot to improve overall skin health.”

Dr. Mary Anne Lila


The world’s foremost authority on blueberry polyphenol research.

"We’ve been able to demonstrate through science the processes by which plant-based flavonoids, micronutrients and related ingredients provide resilience to the human body and spirit."

Why Vitapod?

Get healthier for summer 2021 with the Vitapod in-home drink system.


“The Vitapod Machine not only allows you to select the size of beverage you want to dispense but also at the temperature you wish to drink it at. This makes mornings easy when going back to school.”

Daily Moms

(Vitapod) will then infuse your water with flavor and essentials that your body needs – and that many of us aren’t getting.

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(Vitapod) has been a game changer for this girl over here who struggles to drink enough water and stay hydrate. My Vitapod is my best friend, she’s always got my back, especially when I’m in need of some energy.


Vitapod is a beautifully designed in-home drink system that transforms tap water into a delicious, healthy beverage


Love drinking my Peach flavored Vitapod after all my workouts because it helps me feel replenished and energized!

- Ameron Bhaala

With the + pods you genuinely feel refreshed hydrated and finish your drink knowing you've packed yourself full of all the good stuff

James T

Being diabetic I can’t have fruit juices and early in the day I didn’t want carbonated water. Vitapod solves this for me.


Outstanding invention and I will be a life long customer. We want more flavors please!

Ronald R

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