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Vitapod Go Starter Kit


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  • Free book of pods & sticker pack
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Why Vitapod?

“Vitapod has got it figured out – they’re genius with their doctors and nutritional scientists”

“The Vitapod Machine not only allows you to select the size of beverage you want to dispense but also at the temperature you wish to drink it at. This makes mornings easy when going back to school.”

(Vitapod) will then infuse your water with flavor and essentials that your body needs – and that many of us aren’t getting.

(Vitapod) has been a game changer for this girl over here who struggles to drink enough water and stay hydrate.


My favorite flavor so far is the Peach tea! Noah loves drinking the sports pods before a game!


Not only does Vitapod mix drinks for you, it also filters water too! The flavors are yummy and the kids think they’re drinking juice, so it’s a win win in our house!


With the + pods you genuinely feel refreshed hydrated and finish your drink knowing you've packed yourself full of all the good stuff

James T

Being diabetic I can’t have fruit juices and early in the day I didn’t want carbonated water. Vitapod solves this for me.


Outstanding invention and I will be a life long customer. We want more flavors please!

Ronald R

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