10 reasons you might always be tired

Good sleep is crucial to help keep our bodies feeling good and working well.


Amazing things happen while we sleep. The body recovers and fixes itself, stores memories, and releases hormones that keep your body in sync and stabilize your metabolism. With so much on the line, if you're constantly feeling tired, it is worth investigating to discover why.

Here are ten reasons you might always feel tired:


1) You don't sleep enough

Excuse us for stating the obvious, but this feels like the most appropriate starting point! You'll want to review your sleep habits and see if there's anything you can do to improve the amount of time you dedicate to sleep. The Sleep Institute suggests establishing a sleep routine to encourage a more restful night.


2) You drink caffeinated beverages too often

Caffeine is excellent for giving us that extra kick, but sometimes it just doesn't wear off.


For some people who are sensitive to caffeine, this can mean that their sleep cycle is interrupted due to its long-lasting effects.

You should avoid caffeine for 6 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Alternatively, kick the caffeine habit and turn to vitamin-infused beverages to get a natural kick without the drawbacks of caffeine.


3) You're too stressed

Feeling stressed is an unfortunate part of the human experience. However, when a nominal amount of stress devolves into nail-biting, teeth-gritting, blood-pressure raising stress, it can have a tangible affecting your health; in this case, making you feel tired.

It's important to remember that proper coping mechanisms can help increase our energy, but be aware that too much stress can have the opposite effect.


4) You don't exercise enough

Regular exercise is an excellent tool to keep us healthy and strong, but it does even more for us than we realize. In addition to burning calories and building stronger muscles, regular exercise also improves our quality of sleep and increases our focus and natural energy levels throughout the day.


5) You don't eat well

Your diet is important for so many reasons - including your energy levels! Eating healthy can make you feel more energetic, but eating unhealthy foods can have the opposite effect. Make sure you're getting the needed vitamins and minerals through wholesome, quality food throughout the day.


6) Alcohol is affecting your sleep

Drinking alcohol may seem to help, but it actually can result in disrupted sleep later on. If you don't allow yourself enough time to recover from drinking before going to sleep, it could be disrupting your sleep cycle.


7) Not getting enough iron

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies, and it often goes unnoticed because many of its symptoms resemble general tiredness. Iron levels affect our strength and energy levels; a deficiency can easily be confused for fatigue. Getting tested for an iron deficiency will help pinpoint potential issues that might be affecting your energy levels.


8) You don't allow yourself enough downtime

When we're constantly on the go and burning the candle at both ends, it can really take a toll on our energy levels.


It's essential to carve out a few minutes during the day to stop and recharge. Relaxing for a bit gives our bodies time to relax, recover, and refuel so we don't feel as drained later on.


9) Your thyroid isn't working properly

Your thyroid controls your metabolism and helps to regulate sleep, energy, and heart rate. If it's not functioning correctly, you can experience tiredness along with a number of other potential symptoms like weight gain or hair loss.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms to determine if testing is appropriate.


10) Screens are disturbing your sleep

If you're using your screen before bed, it could be disrupting your sleep. The blue light emitted from electronic devices can keep us awake and actually decrease the quality of our sleep later on in the evening. If you want to improve your quality of sleep, consider avoiding screens for an hour or so before you plan to call it a night.


If you're struggling to stay energized, consider the above ten reasons. Some simple changes can help you feel more energized, improve your sleep, and start to combat fatigue.


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