How It Works

How To Use Your Vitapod Go

Enjoy Your Vitapod Go in 3 Easy Steps

The good-for-you contents are sealed in small, recyclable pods to keep them safe and prevent impurities from affecting them. To open the pods, you'll need our special lid to release the contents into your water.

Load It

Fill your bottle with water and tighten the lower portion of the Go Top onto your bottle. Load your pod with the label facing down

Twist It

Gently apply downward pressure as you twist and tighten the top of your Vitapod Go until is seals tightly. You will hear a crack – that’s the pods opening and dispensing into the water.

Shake It

Shake your bottle to mix. Now your drink is ready to enjoy

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Tips, Tricks, and Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to over tighten as that will make the parts harder to separate. Just a nice snug fit so the gaskets make contact is usually more than enough to make a good seal.
Water level should be below the bottom of the basket of the lower section of the sport cap when fully threaded onto the bottle.
You should clean your sport top and bottle daily.
Separate the two parts and unscrew the drinking cap and place both parts on the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also hand wash if desired.
Your bottle will have it longest life if you hand wash with soap and water. If you notice any build up inside your bottle it is best to use some bottle cleaning tablets and a brush. You can purchase these on using the links below and follow the instructions that come with the tablets.
After making your drink you can remove the pod and place a second pod (lid face up) into the lower section. Then reinstall your top section and enjoy your drink. When you finish you can refill your bottle, flip your pod over and make your second drink.