Vitapod: The Perfect Addition to any Business 

With our diverse range of delicious flavors and health benefits, Vitapod is ideal for workplaces looking to promote health and wellness among its employees or give clients and customers a more luxurious guest experience.   

Further enhance your space with the Vitapod Machine—a modern twist on the traditional water cooler. 

Why Choose Vitapod for Your Business? 

  • Wide Selection: A flavor for every taste. 
  • Health-First: Drinks designed to boost wellness, energy, and focus. 
  • Sustainable: Reduce plastic waste with our recyclable pod system. 
  • Versatile: Use with or without the Vitapod Machine. 
  • Custom Plans: Get the right amounts for your office and enjoy volume discounts. 

A Luxurious Guest Experience

Enhance your salon experience with a touch of luxury by offering your clients Beauty+ during their services, elevating pampering to a whole new level of indulgence.

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Let us tailor a hydration plan that suits your business needs. Enter your email below and a brief description of your business needs, and we will reach out with more information. Volume discounts available.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

"Great for the office! We use it everyday and many times a day. Staff and myself all enjoy it."
Kyle H
"My doctor was so impressed that I gave her a sample and she is going to order some and leave the booklet in her office to inform others."
Teresa C
"We love our Vitapod machine. We use it every morning with our pods and use it throughout the day for the great filtered water. Easy to use."
Mary A
"I put an Energy+ Orange Zest pod to use in the afternoon at work rather than coffee. It gives a really good spark of energy and boosts my metabolism just when the day starts to push back at me.
Terrill A