A weekly 10 minute workout that'll fit with any schedule

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to take some time for ourselves during the week. From work to social engagements, a lot of us convince ourselves that there’s simply “no time” to workout and give our bodies some love. That couldn’t be less of the case, because this weekly 10 minute workout is bound to fit with any busy schedule while keeping you fit and healthy.


You might be thinking that an effective 10 minute workout is impossible, but in reality consistently exercising has its benefits no matter how long you do it. In order to get started, take a few minutes to stretch out your limbs with some basic toe touches, arm circles, and maybe even a quick child’s pose for your back. Once you’re stretched out and warmed up, it’s time to get started and get your workout out of the way.


This 10 minute workout can either be done in the comfort of your own home, or outside if the weather allows. It’s broken up between two categories: cardio and floor work. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which you’d rather do first, personally we’d recommend you begin with the floorwork so you’re not too tired to continue with the rest of the workout. 


The Floorwork Section: 

You'll need either a towel or an exercise mat. 

For the first minute, target your abdominals by doing one minute of standard crunches then resting for 30 seconds. Continue this for five minutes.

For those who are new to this exercise, it’s extremely simple to do. First place your feet on the ground with your knees facing up while your back is flat on the mat. Then, place your hands behind your head so your neck is supported and slightly lift your shoulders from the ground. From there, bring your upper body to your knees and then bring your body back down to the mat.


The Cardio Section: 

For this section you can choose between either jumping rope, or (if you do not own a jump rope) doing jumping jacks. Both exercises have incredible benefits when done consistently over time. Similar to the floorwork, try to jump rope or do jumping jacks for one straight minute, and then rest for 30 seconds. Continue this for five minutes.

What makes these two cardio exercises particularly great is that the more comfortable you get with them, the more variations you can make. For example, if you’ve started jumping rope by alternating both feet while jumping you may eventually be able to keep both feet together and make the jumps quicker. Once you’re comfortable with the jumping jacks, try a variation where you start in a squat, jump with your hands and feet in the air, and then land back in a squat. Not only is it still good cardio, but it’ll also work out your glutes.


Who would have thought that taking 10 minutes out of your day could reap such incredible benefits? By doing this simple and quick workout consistently every week, you’ll watch yourself grow stronger and healthier each time. Get to work! 

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