How to be sustainable this fall

As the hot summer air slowly transitions to crisp, fall days, there are many changes to think about. You may start to spend more time inside as the weather transitions, which can in turn lead to more time to think. With the state of the world around us, many of us have sustainability on our minds, no matter the season. We’ve rounded up some ideas for you to try out this fall. Each of them will help you be more sustainable, so give a few a try!


1. Thrift your halloween costume

Yes, it really is almost that time of year! Some stores have started putting out their spooky decor, whether it be skulls or spiders, and others have done a softer transition to the season, with pumpkin and leaves in autumnal colors. Either way, there is more than one sign that Halloween is coming up. Since you’ve got a little bit of extra time, try to thrift your Halloween costume this year. If you know what pieces you are looking for, you can start to acquire them throughout the month as you browse various thrift stores. This will save you money, and it’s good for the planet.


2. Use a pillowcase as your trick-or-treat bag

On the topic of halloween, make sure you are being as sustainable as possible when it comes to your trick-or-treat bag. Not only will a pillowcase hold more than a plastic bag or bucket, but it is also less likely to break.


3. Learn how to preserve

All of your summer harvest doesn’t have to go to waste this year. As the weather gets chillier, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. A hobby that is sustainable and prepares you for the winter is a no-brainer. There are multiple ways to preserve, depending on how long you need your produce to stay fresh for. Check out Canopy Health for 5 ways you can preserve your fruits and veggies this fall.


4. Open your windows

In most areas, the fall brings the cool air with it. You can lower your electricity bill, and the temperature in your house, by simply opening the windows. Depending on the climate of where you live, you may want to just open the windows at night so you only let the coldest air in.


5. Use sustainable decor

You know how the leaves outside look beautiful when they change? Well, why can’t you bring them inside? A fun family activity can be searching for the best leaves on a hike, or even in the back yard. Then, once you’ve found enough, you can string them together to make a garland.


6. Do some fall cleaning

As you start to spend more time indoors, you’ll want to be surrounded by people and things that bring you joy. So, now is th perfect time to donate anything that no longer brings you joy. Maybe it’s clothes you didn’t wear all summer, or jackets you know your kids won’t wear anymore for the upcoming winter. By cleaning out clutter now, you’ll have a far more enjoyable winter in your home.


7. Learn to knit

Many people picked up this skill over quarantine, but if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present! You can make hats for you and your friends to wear for the winter, or even a blanket to cozy up with around a bonfire.

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