Stretches to relieve soreness

A hallmark sign of a great workout can be soreness in the days following. Whether you workout regularly or every once in a while, we all get sore every now and again. Soreness will dissipate over time, but proper stretching after your workout can help alleviate it quickly and prevent additional discomfort. Stretching sore muscles can give your body the TLC it needs after pushing yourself while exercising. Follow the following stretch routine for some post-workout relief. 

Child's pose 

Bring your knees hips width apart and sit back onto your heels, extending your arms forward. Plant your palms firmly on the ground as you melt your chest toward the mat. If the sensation in your hips is too intense or is causing any pain, you can bring the knees closer together. If you are desiring a deeper stretch in the hips, separate your knees further apart for increased sensation. Take long and deep breaths in this shape and hold for at least one minute. 

Quad stretch 

From a standing position, bring your right foot into your right glute and grab the foot with the right hand. Encourage your foot toward the glute with your hand and hold for 30 seconds before switching sides. 

Shoulder stretch

From a standing position, cross your right arm across your body at shoulder height. Grab your right arm at the bicep with your left, encouraging the stretch deeper. Hold on the right for 20 seconds before switching sides.  

Extended reach 

Come to stand with your feet hips width apart. On an inhale, reach your arms up toward the sky, stretching the side body and abdomen. Keep your core engaged and lift your hip points slightly toward your ribs, keeping the integrity of the spine. You can grab opposite wrists and reach to one side and then the other for a side stretch. You can also gently reach back, inviting a slight backbend into the posture. Hold here for a few breaths, exploring the variations of this posture in a way that feels good to your body. 

Spine articulation 

From child's pose, come up to all fours. Stack your wrists underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips. Keep a long straight spine and gaze down at the floor directly beneath you. On an inhale, drop your belly, arching your spine and bringing your gaze toward the sky. On your exhale, press the mat away and round the spine, directing your gaze toward your navel. Continue moving in this pattern, linking your breath to the postures. Move slowly and with intention as you repeat these motions for 10-15 rounds. 

Supine twist 

From your back, bring both knees into the chest and drop them over to the right. Gaze over to the left as you stretch through your abdomen and side body. Stay and hold for 30 seconds before repeating the same on the left. 


Lie flat on your stomach and place your elbows underneath your shoulders. Support your body by keeping your forearms firmly planted on the mat beneath you. Energetically drag your elbows back toward the body as you open up through the chest. Hold for five breaths.

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