The Benefits of Tea

When you’re looking to wake yourself in the morning, you may be confronted with the age old question: tea or coffee? The difference in taste may come to mind first, but there are also health benefits to consider. Coffee tends to get the spotlight when it comes to health benefits, such as the increase in energy level you can feel soon after drinking (1), and as popularized recently, a decrease in risk for diseases, like Parkinson’s (2). 

Tea has plenty of health benefits, too. You can even seek out different benefits based on which tea you choose to drink, such as black, green, or white tea. Having a cup of morning tea, or a sip before bed, all can make a difference, too. Read on to learn the benefits of tea, and how you can make them a part of your daily routine. 


The Benefits 


 Many of us need a little caffeine to start off the day. Black tea has the highest amount of caffeine of all the types of tea. For an 8 oz. serving, you’ll get 47 mg of caffeine(3). This is a nice boost, but it won’t leave you feeling jittery, which can happen after too much espresso. 

Improved heart health: 

Yep, tea feels good for the soul and is great for the heart. Green tea should be your tea of choice to get this benefit. This tea helps the heart both by lowering bad cholesterol and by reducing the risk for blood clots (4).  

Weight loss: 

There’s no drink that will magically make you lose weight, but tea can act as an aid. Green tea is known to help boost your metabolism, which in turn leads to fat burn (5). 

Sleep aid: 

Do you have a friend that swears by a cup of tea before bed? Well, it’s probably for good reason. Chamomile is known to reduce insomnia and help you get a better night’s rest (6). This tea promotes calmness by easing anxieties, which is a great benefit for any part of your day. 


Caffeine isn’t the only thing that can wake you up. Teas with strong scents can help keep you mentally alert, as well. Oolong tea is known to do this, while also helping prevent tooth decay (7). 

Teas to pass on 

Unfortunately, not all teas are created equal. A chai latte is certainly delicious, but it won’t do you many health favors. These tasty concoctions are filled with sugar, as well as hundreds of calories. So, enjoy a chai in moderation. 

Beware of teas labeled as a “detox.” These are typically a marketing ploy to make you think you can lose weight simply by adding a drink to your diet. However, most of these fad diets are looking for you to eat very little, if anything, in addition to these teas. The weight you may lose will be water weight, which you will gain back as soon as you get back to your normal, healthy eating habits (8). 

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