Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle
Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle
Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle
Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle
Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle

Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle

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Looking for the perfect gift to help your loved one stay hydrated and healthy? Look no further than the Vitapod Machine Gift Bundle. The Vitapod Machine filters your water with advanced technology, while the Beauty+ Pods provide essential nutrients for radiant skin and hair. And the choice of a Sports+ Pod, your loved one can stay hydrated during even the most intense workouts. Perfect for any occasion where health and hydration are a top priority!

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Bundle Includes: 

  • Vitapod Machine 
  • 18oz Go Bottle and Drink-thru Lid
  • Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus (30 pods)
  • Choice of Sports+ Arctic Blast (30 pods) or Green Apple (30 pods)
  • Machine Filter
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Revolutionary process

Vitapod doesn’t just mix drinks. It filters water multiple times before cooling to optimal drinking temperature and blends specially formulated pods that deliver the essential vitamins, electrolytes, and plant-antioxidants - serving it up in a delicious beverage that makes every sip complete. Vitapod enhances every aspect of your typical drinking water.

What is Vitapod?

The science behind the filter

Advanced filtration

Ordinary tap water can be full of microplastics and toxins that are harmful to ingest. Our multi-pass filtration system means your water is constantly being purified, providing cleaner, crisper water than market leaders.

Expertly blended

The purified water is combined with vitamins and nutrients in the mixing chamber which blends everything up to 690 RPMs – faster than the blades of military grade helicopter. It pours the mixture into your glass with the perfect amount of water for optimal taste, leaving none of the powder clumps you get with stick packs.

Optimal temperature

When water is too hot or too cold, the human body reacts by slowing down the process of absorption and delaying hydration. Our machine cools the water to the optimal drinking temperature for hydration, minimizing the lag time between consuming a beverage and your body absorbing it.