10 Self Care Ideas

Spring is in the air! Here are Six self-care activities we are doing to cleanse our soul this weekend. 

1. Hydrate your body 

Did you know water stimulates the flow of nutrients and hormones that release those feel-good endorphins you need to feel happy? Hydrate quicker and healthier with your favorite Vitapod

2. Move your body 

Ella Woods said it best, "Exercise induces endorphins and endorphins make you happy!" Weather you hit the gym for a hard workout or take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood, get up and move your body. 

3. Call a friend 

Nothing can boost our mood quite like checking in with a close friend or family. Give someone a call you haven't talked to in awhile and see how they're doing. 

4. Get outside 

Did you know our bodies make Vitamin D from sunlight? Vitamin D is proved to boost serotonin, the hormone that is key to stabilizing your mood and increasing happiness. Just 10 minutes of sunlight can help your get your daily dose of Vitamin D. 

5. Enjoy your favorite meal 

A delicious meal can really fuel the soul. Weather it's form a restaurant or your favorite homemade comfort meal, enjoy your favorite dinner tonight. 

6. Treat yourself 

Every once in a while, buying yourself a little treat can feel so good! Stock up on your favorite pods today or finally splurge on the Vitapod Machine.

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