Immunity+ Pod: For Strengthening Immune Defense

Immunity+ Pod: For Strengthening Immune Defense

Dr David Nieman, DrPH, FACSM

Your immune system acts like your personal bodyguard -- protecting you from germs and viruses to keep you healthy and free from sickness! Diet plays a crucial role in immune health with certain dietary patterns and foods linked to increased risk of disease, inflammation, and impaired immune response. The Immunity+ pod was formulated to provide the specific nutrients you need for improved immune function, focusing on polyphenols and flavonoids. Taking one Vitapod Immunity+ shot each day closes the nutrition gap and provides plant-based antioxidants to support your body’s natural defenses. Oh, and the flavor (Blackberry Mint) is pretty fantastic if we do say so ourselves.  

What We Love About IMMUNITY+ 

  • Zero sodium.  
  • Zero sugar.  
  • Low calorie (4 calories a shot).  
  • No artificial preservatives or sweeteners.  
  • Contains powerful immunity boosters and micronutrients. 

What’s a “nutrition gap”?  

Diet affects the production of immune cells and antibodies – when your diet is high in nutrient-dense foods production is increased and your immune defense is strengthened. The opposite occurs when you are malnourished or lacking in essential vitamins. The typical American diet is high in processed foods that are high in sodium and added sugar and low in those nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. When consuming a diet like that you experience a “nutrition gap”. The “nutrition gap” is easy to fall into. The daily stress of life and a busy schedule often leave ease and convenience as priorities when it comes to food. Which is where Vitapod comes in. Vitapod bridges that nutrition gap by providing you with the micronutrients the average person is deficient in – and with the Immunity+ pod those nutrients also strengthen your immune system.   

What are polyphenols?  

We are so glad you asked. Simply put, polyphenols are plant compounds that are packed with antioxidants and have many health benefits. If you want to learn more about polyphenols and all they have to offer check out our article: here!  

Why should I reach for the IMMUNITY+ pod?  

The IMMUNITY+ pod contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals which include vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, magnesium and minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and boron. Intake of these minerals tend to be low in most adults and are linked to increased susceptibility to infection. On top of that each shot includes immune boosters like bilberry extract, isoquercetin, and green tea extract which contain flavonoids (a.k.a plant-based antioxidants) that have proven impacts on overall health and immune system strength.  


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