Shipping and Customer Service

You can find your order at your my account page or through your confirmation email. 

With the tracking number on your my account page or through your confirmation email.

By calling customer service at 1-800-VITAPOD (848-2763).

Your refund will be processed 7-10 business days after Vitapod has received and inspected your machine.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $50

Contact customer service at hello@vitapodworld.com

Customer service is available between 10 AM – 5 PM Eastern.

Please contact you mail carrier with the tracking number provided.

Please contact customer service at hello@vitapodworld.com

You can buy Vitapod pods on the Shop All tab on the website.

We offer standard ground and 2-day express shipping.

We ship all machines with UPS. Pods, filters and other accessories may come via USPS.

We do not ship internationally at the moment.

No, once you have opened the pack you cannot return the pods. 

Product Information

Please Click Here for the User Guide/Manual.

All our pouches available for purchase contain 30 pods

A pack of 30 pods vary in cost from $35.99 which makes 30 x 32 fl oz drinks, which is the same as $0.60 per 16 fl oz drink.

Based on the available scientific evidence, it can be concluded that Vitapod is a nutritious drink that provides a comprehensive range of essential vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. Using Vitapod, can improve overall health and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.  

The calories in each beverage varies and is clearly stated on the website as well as the packaging. All our beverages are low calorie, ranging between 4 and 20 calories per beverage.

Yes, none of our drinks contain genetically modified ingredients.

Our drinks do not contain common food allergens, including dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, and eggs. They are produced in a facility which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts, and peanut.

Yes, our pods are formulated without dairy ingredients. They are produced in a facility which processes products containing milk.

Yes, our pods are formulated without soy ingredients. They are produced in a facility which processes products containing soy.

Yes, our pods are formulated without gluten ingredients and are certified to <20ppm. They are produced in a facility which processes products containing wheat.

All our beverages are sugar free, except Sports+, which contains 2g of organic cane sugar to provide energy to working muscles.

Our beverages are naturally sweetened with plant stevia and erythritol. Stevia extract is naturally derived from the leaves of the plant species stevia rebaudiana. Steviol glycosides is the active compound in stevia extract. This plant has 30 to 150 the sweetness of sugar. Erythritol is derived from starches in grains and contains only 6% of the calories of sugar with 70% of the sweetness.

All of our drinks are vegan except Beauty+, which includes collagen as a key ingredient.

Yes, all of our drinks are kosher certified.

We do not currently have the halal certification but we are working with our suppliers to gain the certification.

Yes. The flavors used in our drinks are extracted from natural sources. Learn more about our other ingredients here.

Our sealed pods have a shelf life of 2 years. Our products are clearly marked with an expiration date on each pod.

Drinks marked with a plus sign have a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are lacking in the typical American diet.  The drinks without a plus sign contain electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants but not the vitamins, so there is no risk of overconsumption of vitamins.

The maximum daily intake varies by each drink and age.

Yes, all Vitapod beverages except Energy+ (due to its caffeine content) can be enjoyed by children.

All our beverages, except the shots, are designed to be 16.9oz. Making them on the medium setting, 8.5oz, will produce a much stronger drink. Currently our shots include Beauty+ and Immunity+, which are designed to be 3.5oz. However, any pod can be consumed at any size to your taste.

In order to achieve a taste profile that fits your needs, you are able to taste control your pods. Simply press the 16.9oz button (tall glass) option, and use a Vitapod 1 liter bottle under the machine 

When it has reached the 500ml level, hold down the go button to dispense more water into the bottle. This way you have the same great ingredients, with a lighter taste profile, not as sweet.

Most hydration competitors rely on sodium and sugar. While this can help improve hydration, it can also be incredibly unhealthy to consume so much sodium and sugar on a regular basis. Our formulas are very advanced in comparison. We use the minimum level of sodium and include other electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to ensure the optimal level of hydration. We also do not have sugar in any of our pods – except the Sports+ pod which is geared toward fitness and recovery.

Additionally, Vitapod does more than simply hydrate. Each of our pods marked with a + is overflowing with vitamins, minerals and flavonoids which are vastly under consumed by the average American. We take each beverage beyond hydration to nourish our bodies and minds with each pod.

Flavonoids are antioxidants developed in plants over millions of years with the purpose of protecting them from UV radiation and viruses. They are important because on average, Americans consume only 10-15% of the recommended 400-500 mg. Vitapod beverages include up to 370 mg of flavonoids per serving, making it easy to close this essential nutrition gap simply by drinking delicious, healthy beverages.


Unfortunately, every town is different. Check with your local municipality to see if your bag of pods will be recycled. Otherwise, we are happy to provide a recycle bag with each order to make recycling easy. Simply fill the bag with empty pods and pouches and send them back to us in the pre-paid envelope. We’ll take care of the recycling and our partner will turn your used pods into brand new products. Need another recycle bag? We’ll be happy to send one. Just click here.

Our pods are specially formulated with an organic compound that accelerates biodegradation.

No. We’ve carefully created our packaging without these harmful plastics.

Our pods use 90% less plastic than a typical single use bottle.


Currently, our machine is only for sale here on our website, www.vitapodworld.com.

A quick start guide as well as a full user manual is included with every machine. If you would like to download another copy, simply click here.

Please follow the directions in the quick start guide, provided with your machine. You can download a copy by clicking here. You can also refer to our demo video.

If the GO button is red, the machine is not ready for use, check the following:

Is there is sufficient water in the tank?
Is the tank properly fitted?
Is the mixing chamber securely in place?
Is the pod placed correctly?

Please contact us at 1-800-VITAPOD or email hello@vitapodworld.com for further assistance.

If your machine has no power, check the following:

  • If your machine has no power, check the following:
  • Ensure that the Vitapod machine is plugged in securely.
  • Ensure the power switch at the back of the machine is on.
  • Plug the Vitapod machine into an independent outlet.
  • Try plugging your machine into another independent outlet at a different location in your home.

If the machine still has no power, please contact us at hello@vitapodworld.com and we will be happy to help you.

The filter button will turn red when it’s time to order a new filter and flash red when the filter must be replaced. To replace your filter, you’ll follow the same steps as when setting up the machine.

Remove the existing filter by unscrewing the filter-cover counter-clockwise and dispose of the used filter.

Rinse the new filter under cold water for easy installation.  Press the new filter securely into the base of the tank and replace the filter-cover by turning it clockwise to lock in place.

Fill the tank to the top with water, seat it on the back of the Vitapod machine, and turn the power ON.

Press and hold the button at the top of the filter cover until all air is released. Please note that water may splash out.

The machine will now automatically filter the water for 10 minutes.

After the 10-minute filtration is complete, place a 17oz glass, or your Vitapod bottle, under the mixing chamber and press and hold the GO button until the glass is full.

Your machine is now ready to make a drink!

No. The Vitapod machine is specifically designed for use with our pods. Using anything else in the pod chamber may damage your machine and will void the warranty.

No. The Vitapod machine is specifically designed for use with water, if you would like a cooler drink, add ice. Using anything else in the tank may damage your machine and void the warranty.

It is recommended that the pod chamber is cleaned regularly with a warm damp cloth. Simply open the pod chamber and wipe it clean.  It is also recommended that you remove the mixing paddle and mixing chamber.  They can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher or wiped with soapy water. When you replace them, ensure that the mixing paddle is placed in the grooves and the mixing chamber is rotated into place. The machine will not operate if either part isn’t fully engaged.

For a deeper cleaning, please follow the directions for the automated cleaning cycle on page 11 of the quick start guide. Vitapod branded cleaning tablets will be available in August of 2021.

If you have issues with any other part of your machine, please contact us at 1-800-VITAPOD or hello@vitapodworld.com

Vitapod warrants that your machine will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal household use for one year from the date of purchase. Vitapod will repair or replace a defective machine without charge, upon receipt of proof of purchase. If a replacement machine is necessary to service this warranty, the replacement machine may be new or reconditioned. If a replacement machine is sent, a new limited one-year warranty will be applied to the replacement machine.

If you need to activate your warranty, please contact us at 1-800-VITAPOD or hello@vitapodworld.com

Press the filter button at any time to begin the filtration cycle. 

The Vitapod machine features a recirculating filtration system, drawing the water through several times over 10 minutes, so your drinks are always crisp, clean and refreshing. It reduces many impurities including lead, chlorine (odor and taste), algae, micro-plastics, rust, parasites, incrustants, colloid, silt, cryptosporidium and suspended solids >1 micron (particulates class II), among many other contaminants.

Our filter features continuous filtration technology, beating almost all gravity and single-pass filters. Gravity filters pass water through their filter only once at low pressure.

The Vitapod machine makes use of a high pressure pump that recirculates 3 liters of water through the filter several times over 10 minutes.  This cycle can be repeated as often as you like.

Our filter has a long life span lasting up to 8 months depending on your region and water source.

The filter button will turn red when it’s time to order a new filter and flash red when the filter must be replaced. 

For optimal water cooling, the Vitapod Machine should be left plugged in. Press the Cooling button at any time to start the cooling cycle.

Simply restart the Vitapod, open the lid and leave the pod in place. Press the GO button and your beverage will quickly be ready to drink.

The Vitapod is best on a countertop at minimum 6 inches away from any walls on the left side of the machine where the air vent is located.  Be sure to place the machine away from any sources of heat such as a microwave or oven.

No, only water is recommended for use in the Vitapod Machine. 

Before storage, it is recommended to run a full cleaning cycle. Completely empty the Water Tank and remove the Filter housing to allow it to air dry. Wipe down all removable parts with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

The optimal room temperature for the Vitapod machine is 68 degrees to 76 degrees and should be placed at least 6 inches away from a wall. Try moving your machine to a cooler location or fill your water tank with ice for immediate cooled water.  It is not recommended to operate the machine outdoors in the sun.

9” wide x 16” depth  x 15.5” height

Machine Operation

If the Go button is flashing red, it means the pod door is open or the mix chamber is not installed properly. There are two safety switches that must be activated when the pod door closes and the mix chamber is properly installed.Make sure the word "FRONT" is facing directly in the center of the machine once fully seated and twisted into the lock position.

If the light is still flashing try removing the mix chamber and re-installing.

If the GO button is solid red, the machine is not ready for use, check the following:

  • Is there is sufficient water in the tank?
  • Is the tank properly fitted?
  • Try unplugging machine - Wait 10 seconds and plug back in.

Green means Go! A pod has been placed in the chamber and the machine is ready to dispense a beverage.

Solid blue means your machine is ready to accept a new pod or dispense fresh water.

The default drink size is Large. Press the size button to change between Large, Small and Medium.

Simply press the cooling button two times in quick succession to begin the automated cleaning cycle.  Place an empty pod into the chamber, then hit the flashing GO button. Follow the steps in the recommended cleaning guide to maintain the freshness of your drinks.

Shop our line of cleaning products here.

A container no larger than 17 oz is needed to run a cleaning cycle.

10 oz of white vinegar may be used as a cleaning solution as stated in the User Guide.

Shop our line of cleaning products here.

The automated cleaning cycle takes approximately 1 hour.

At minimum your Vitapod machine should regularly be cleaned once per month.