5 easy and healthy lunch ideas

With our busy schedules, it can be hard to properly eat the recommended three meals a day. Some of us may skip lunch in favor of running a few errands or getting some work done that we pushed off, but it’s important we still get enough calories during the day to keep ourselves energized. To prove lunch doesn’t have to be a time-consuming event, we’ve listed 5 easy and healthy lunch ideas that’ll fill you up and make you ready to seize the rest of the day. 

Lettuce Wraps:

Whether you’re working from home, or bringing lunch with you to the office, lettuce wraps are not only easy to make but can be filled with whatever ingredients you like. Personally, we recommended the classic asian chicken wraps. They’re filling, flavorful, and easy to eat on the go. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can easily substitute the chicken for chickpeas or grain to get enough protein while not sacrificing flavor. However, if you’re taking these wraps to the office we’d recommend separating the lettuce and filling in separate containers so when it’s heated up, the lettuce won’t wilt. 

Black Bean Burger:

Sometimes, a heavy lunch can really put a damper on the rest of our day. That’s why instead of opting for a classic red meat burger, consider going the healthier route and trying a black bean burger instead. It’s still packed with protein, but is lighter so you won’t be feeling that post-lunch drowsiness. Plus, add a few condiments on there and it’ll feel like a mid-day treat instead of a hassle.  

Farro Salad:

We know what you’re thinking. Salads for lunch? Groundbreaking. But hear us out. Sometimes a standard leafy green salad doesn’t fill us up for the rest of the workday like we wished they would, so adding in some grains and protein can really take the simple salad up a notch. Farro is packed with both protein and fiber so it’ll fill you up without adding too many calories to your meal. Plus, with this salad, you can add in your favorite green such as arugula as well as salad stables including avocado, tomato, or nuts. Top it off with a light and flavorful salad dressing and voila. 

Grain Bowls:

If you need a more filling lunch than a simple salad, grain bowls might be the perfect choice. Not only are they filling and flavorful, but it’s up to you what goes in them. Whether you decide to go the vegetarian route and pack them full of veggies or decide to add some chicken or salmon for the extra protein, they’re simple to make and commute with if you need to eat it later during the day. A pro tip: if you decide to add a sauce or dressing on top, make sure to package it separately. 

Chicken Salad:

Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with the classics. Not only is chicken salad easy to prepare, but thanks to all the foodies out there it can be a healthy lunch by substituting the typical mayonnaise base with greek yogurt. Plus, it’s easy to throw onto a sandwich, salad, or crackers if you don’t feel like just eating it as is. Personally, we like to add in some walnuts and celery to give the texture an extra crunch, but it’s dealer’s choice. 

Lunch doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Sometimes, you can make the perfect mid-day meal just from what you find in your fridge. No matter what you choose, it’s important to keep your body fueled throughout the day.

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