The 5 best antioxidant berries

The 5 best antioxidant berries

It’s important to always ensure that the food you eat contains the right number of antioxidants benefits that your body needs to keep functioning well.

One of the best types of food packed with antioxidants is berries. Useful in a pinch to liven up breakfast or as a main ingredient in a smoothie, berries are nature’s antioxidants to help slow down cell degradation. We’ve collated 5 of the best berries with antioxidants to keep you in shape, rated through antioxidant ORAC values. 

1. Maqui Berry (ORAC = 27,600)

Known as the “Chilean wineberry”, this exotic wild berry is packed with nutrients as well as the key antioxidants to reduce the effects of free radicals on your body. If you find that you’re experiencing a lot of swelling, the maqui berry is the perfect berry to reduce inflammation (1).

2. Aronia Berry (ORAC = 16, 062)

The aronia berry, affectionally known as the black chokeberry, is a bush berry that grows along the east coast of the United States. Similar to blueberries in terms of look, the flavor for aronia berries leans towards more tart and dry flavors (2). 

3. Acai Berry (ORAC = 15,405)

Acai berries are probably one of the healthiest foods you can have in your food. Even freeze-dried acai powder is a fantastic source of the nutrients and antioxidants found in Acai berries. Acai bowls, smoothie bowls topped with other nutrient-rich foods, have to be one of the healthiest new food trends that you can get or make in a pinch with the same powder (3).

4. Blueberry (ORAC = 4,669)

Probably the most popular berry available on the market and most commonly used in many different recipes, from healthy smoothies to pancakes and French toast. The humble blueberry is fantastic fresh and at times even better frozen, locking in the nutrients and antioxidants when they are picked (4).

5. Goji Berry (ORAC = 3,290)

The Goji is berry is one of the best sources of antioxidants as well as vitamin A, B, and iron, making it a very popular superfood to have in most of your meals. While it isn’t as sweet as a blueberry, these powerful helpers can help with defending against eyesight degradation. Use it for your trail mix if you happen to pick up a pack of dried Goji berries (5).

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