Vitapod featured by Honest Brand Reviews

Vitapod featured by Honest Brand Reviews

Here at Vitapod, we are excited to share that we have been reviewed by Honest Brand Reviews. Honest Brand Reviews has cultivated a community of consumers who share reviews and information on new brands – with a mission to help people make informed shopping decisions. Honest Reviews shared an insightful and favorable review of Vitapod. We are very proud of our review and are excited to see more people’s thoughts on our products.   

Honest Reviews touched on the many vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and flavonoids in each of our pods, our sustainability initiatives, and how we are formulated by doctors.  Our pods range in calories from 4 to 20, have zero sugar (with the exception of Sports+), and are free of artificial colors, preservatives, and additives. Our pods themselves use 1/10th of the plastic of bottled vitamin drinks and are fully recyclable. Our two main pieces of technology include our Vitapod Machine and the Vitapod Go. Both of which open our superfood pods and allow you to have a refreshing drink. Vitapod Go was made with the intention to be had anywhere, anytime.   

Honest Reviews went through the work of reviewing multiple products of ours – with extensive insights and information. If you are curious about our products, whether it be our Vitapod Go starter kit, subscription service, or the benefits of our Immunity+ pods check out their review! They also included an FAQ of commonly asked questions, information on where to buy Vitapod, and multiple customer reviews -- so you can make sure to have all the information you need.  

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