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Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus

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Energy+ Orange Zest

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Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate

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Hydra+ Cotton Candy

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Hydra+ Pineapple Coconut

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Hydra+ Watermelon

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Hydra+ Lemon Lime

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Immunity+ Blackberry Mint

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Sports+ Arctic Blast

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Sports+ Green Apple

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A subscription is a monthly order of pods of your choice. They are billed and shipped to you the date of your original purchase every month. This date can be changed or canceled at anytime via your account. 

To set up a subscription, click the pod you would like to subscribe to. On the next page, select the number of months you're code is valid for and add it to your cart.

Yes! You can sign up for a longer subscription. You will just need to pay the difference at checkout.

All subscriptions on this page are prepaid for and cannot be canceled or refunded. Once the duration of the subscription is completed it will end automatically.

Yes, we ask that you make changes to the subscription 3 days prior to the charge date. Don’t worry, we will send a reminder 3 days before the subscription renews. To do this, visit the “Subscriptions” section under your account and select “Manage Subscription” on an active subscription. From there you can change, the delivery date, frequency, product, and more.

Visit the “Subscriptions” section under your account and select “Manage Subscription” on an active subscription. Select “Next Charge Date” and select a new date for shipment.

Visit the “Subscriptions” section under your account and select “Manage Subscription” on an active subscription. Hover over the item you would like to add and select “Add One Time” for a one-time addition or “Add subscription” to subscribe to the item. You will have to pay the difference of this additional item.

Our pouches include 30 pods in each bag so if you have one a day, we recommend setting your delivery schedule for every 30 days.

At the moment Variety isn't available for pre-paid subscription because we will be changing the assortment of pods in our Variety Pack soon to better reflect our updated line of products. You can change your pods with each delivery if you would like to mix up flavors. Just reach out to us five days prior to renewal to get this done.