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"Hello--I am a young and healthy senior citizen most of the time but my big downfall is not drinking enough water. I have fallen victim to kidney stones a couple of times. I really hate drinking plain water and I don't relish drinking something full of sugar. Along comes Vitapod, and I decided to try it. I love the concept of flavored water without the sugar and the addition of nutrients. I tried the variety pack of flavors but I really love the orange flavor. Now I am drinking much more and feel great. I am on a fixed income but every cent is worth it for the flavorful Vitapods. As we age, it is more important to be hydrated. I subscribed to your program and am so happy I did. Thank you again."

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Laurie S

Is Vitapod worth it? Don't take our word for it!


It isworth itto me to add Vitapod to my water routine, I drink way more now, and I am enjoying the extra benefits. Its win-win for me.

Kelly F

Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus


I am loving the different flavors and what each one does for your body. Makes drinking waterworth itfor more reasons than just hydration


Sports+ Green Apple


I am drinking more water and feeling better. Keeps the ice for such a long time too! No complaints! Soworth it!!!

Amanda A

Vitapod Go Starter Bundle


Saw an ad in IG and bought it, pretty cool machine. the cotton candy is pretty good, and so is the coconut. defworth it. make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you save the extra $10

Nick M

Vitapod Machine Starter Kit


This is my favorite flavor! Although I do have to rinse my cup right away to avoid staining, the flavor and immunity benefits are wellworth it! I have trouble drinking the recommended daily intake of water, but with Vitapod I am well hydrated!!

Carrie T

Immunity+ Blackberry Mint