Sampler Pack, 22 Pods
Sampler Pack, 22 Pods

Sampler Pack, 22 Pods

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💧 Rapid Hydration
🌱 Essential Nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Flavonoids)
👌 Zero Sugar, Low Calorie
🍹 Try all 11 delicious drinks

💰 Makes up to 32oz per pod = $1.02 per 16oz

Nutrition and Supplement Facts

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Sampler Pack Ingredients

Sampler Pack Ingredients

Sampler Pack

Can’t decide? You don’t have to.

If you’re unsure about which pod you want to get, or you simply like having a bunch of options, the Sampler Pack is made for you. Each pouch contains two pods of all 11 flavors (22 pods total):

Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus
Hydra+ Watermelon
Hydra+ Cotton Candy
Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate
Hydra+ Coconut Pineapple
Hydra+ Lemon Lime
Energy+ Orange Zest
Iced Tea+ Peach
Immunity+ Blackberry Mint
Sports+ Green Apple
Sports+ Arctic Blast

Each pod is packed with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium as well as flavonoids to support overall health and wellness. Each flavor with the + also is full of vitamins A, C, D and E making them healthier than water.

Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus is not vegan

Dr. David Nieman

A pioneer in the research area of exercise and nutrition immunology.

 "We have formulated these nutritionally advanced beverages to help families make good decisions that support optimal health and wellness. Many ingredients have been included in randomized clinical trials and have proven health benefits. Our goal is to provide your body with essential nutrients and the daily hydration you need to feel good and function at your best."

“By supplementing under-consumed nutrients, you’ll have more energy, feel better mentally and experience fewer colds and other respiratory infections in the short term. Longer term, the added flavonoids and essential nutrients will lower risk of most of the common chronic diseases that plague modern men and women. It’s what we mean when we say Vitapod drinks help refresh, restore and refuel your body, mind and spirit."

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