Sustainability at our core.

Helping us make our planet a better place.
For every machine we sell, we stop 50 single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean in partnership with Plastic Bank®.

Bottles collected to date:








No more plastic bottles.

By partnering with Plastic Bank, we’ve taken our commitment to reducing waste to the next level. Now, not only does each pod contain 90% less plastic than one single-use plastic bottle, but you also can rest assured that for each machine that is purchased, we will stop 50 plastic bottles from entering our oceans. With each sip of a Vitapod drink you take, you can feel good about making our planet a better place.

Our vision.

It is up to all of us to make the future a better place than the past. Through service to our communities and sustainability for our planet, we will take action.

For our planet.

We have a responsibility to protect our planet
for the generations to come. From cleaning
our oceans to aiming for plastic neutrality, we
are committed to leading the charge.

For our children.

Our kids are our future, and they deserve
our support. We pledge to work within
our local communities to innovate and
make sure their healthy comes first.

For our minds.

Vitamins and minerals are only as good as our
minds allow. We will dedicate our resources
to creating a world that destigmatizes mental
health and celebrates our minds. 

Sustainable products.

We’re changing the way we package products to reflect our respect for the environment and our concerns about single-use plastic.


Each American throws away on average 346 single-use plastic bottles. Our starter kit comes with a reusable, aluminum bottle so that you never need to trash the plastic again.


We’ve figured out how to make the plastics in our pods break down over time in case they do end up in a landfill. By 2023, we plan to make all our pods fully biodegradable.


When you’re done with your pods, throw them into one of our recycling bags and send them back to us. We’ll make sure they never end up in the trash.


Each pod packed with vitamins, minerals and plant-based antioxidants is made with 90% less plastic than one single-use water bottle. We pack way more punch and reduce the waste.

Healthy family. Healthy planet.

Our fully recyclable pods use 90% less plastic than a single use bottle. Join us in removing the need for single use plastic bottles.

1 Million

Over a million plastic bottles are sold every minute globally.


In America, each person purchases roughly 346 plastic bottles each year.

18 Billion

We generate roughly 18 billion pounds of plastic waste that make their way into oceans every year.


To reduce your carbon footprint, recycle locally.

Collect Vitapod pods in the bag to dotted line

When the bag is filled ensure it is sealed securely

Place the sealed bag in your recycle bin

Can’t recycle locally?
We have a Pod Recycle Program.

Collect Vitapod pods in the bag. When the bag is full, seal it securely.

Return bag by dropping it off at any USPS location.

Plastic is recycled and made into new products!

Thank you for recycling.

All Vitapod packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials which are BpA, Phthalate, and PVC free.

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